World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. It is the fourth instalment in the Warcraft series and the first to be an MMORPG instead of an RTS game. Without a doubt the most popular and played MMORPG of all time with 12 million subscribers as of 2010, holding the Guinness world record for most popular MMO by subscribers and with more than 100 million accounts created since release.

With six expansion packs, each one almost as anticipated as the original game itself, very positive reviews upon release, several awards under its belt including Editor’s Choice awards, mass mainstream media dubbed it the best MMO and RPG, the game’s audio and graphics received awards, it won Best Mac OS X Entertainment Product , best PC game, best multiplayer game, best RPG and most addictive game on Spike TV Video Game Awards, it was praised in 2008 for its advancement of the MMORPG art form at 59th annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards along with Neverwinter Nights and Everquest, it ranked 11th on Game Informer’s list of “top 200 games of all time”, third on USgamer’s Best Games since 2000.  All in-game purchase use WoW Gold

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It has its own big budget Hollywood movie, its own South Park episode (which won an Emmy) and it has been referenced countless times on mainstream media for good and bad reasons alike.

It was the Best-selling PC game of 2005 and 2006 and it currently holds 62% of the MMORPG worldwide subscription market. Needless to say, if you are into MMORPG’s and haven’t heard of this game, you aren’t really into MMORPG’s.

But just in case you are and you have dreams of ruling the land of Azeroth, these online services will offer everything you need to get to the top of the massive WoW community with little effort.

Since it is the most popular and played MMORPG of all time, the offer of online gold, items and power levelling is huge, so huge that in most websites the WoW page is split into EU and US and each one of those is split into several other categories which split again, so buckle up and pay attention.

For Power levelling in the US, both IGXE and Goldah have what you need. IGXE’s power levelling category splits into Level which splits into Level Power Levelling and PVE Gear Package, Professions & Skills splits into Professions and Secondary Skills, BOP Power Levelling splits into Raid BOP Armor or Weapons, BOP Mounts and BOP Artifacts, The Achievement category splits into World Events, PVE achievements and Draenor Pathfinder Achievements and lastly, the Quest category splits into Reputation, Blood of Sargeras, Class Halls, Apexis Crystal and Timeless Coins (which is spelled Tiemless on the website).

Did you get all that? At some point in WoW you might get the urge to go for one of these particular specialties, let’s dive in and see what you can get on IGXE.

Starting with the usual option of picking the level you are at and the level you want to reach, IGXE’s other regular levelling packs include 25 different offers, The Legion Suramar Main Quests pack, 100-110 power levelling + Unlock level 1-50 reputation appearance pack, 100-110 power levelling + LVL 825 items pack and a similar one with 810 items, 100-100 Special power levelling pack and standard levelling pack, 100-110 advanced levelling pack, level 100-110 power levelling, Demon Hunter 98-110 levelling pack and another 100-110 power levelling packs (these two are described as pre-order, probably could be purchased for Legion before it came out), three more 100-110, one with 825 and the others with 810 gear packages respectively, another Demon Hunter 98-110 levelling pack with 810 Gear Package, a level 100-110 with Suramar Main quests included, a 90-100 and 690 PVP (Cq Gear) Package, a 90-100 and 1-100 level and profession packages, a 90-100 two character levelling pack, a speed package of 90-100 (guaranteed in one day), fast level 90-100 pack, cheap level 1-90 pack, level 1-85 professions pack, hot level 1-85 two character profession package and finally an RAF power levelling 1-85 pack.

Got all that? That’s IGXE’s basic levelling category, still 16 others to go although some of the packages are in multiple categories so I’ll skip those for you. On to PVE Gear Package, offers here include the S17 Wild Gladiator’s level 730 fourteen or five sets packages (Basal Service), the item level 700 (730 PVP) WOD S3 or S2 Combatant’s equipment packages, the item level 710, 700 or 680 Packages with the 710 option being all PVP pieces and the other two all PVE pieces, two other item levelling packs of 670 and 655 with different specifics, lastly two level 90-100 plus item level upgrade packs, one for item level 610 and the other 630.

The professions category is fairly simple, from alchemy to first aid, you have two different packages for each profession, one is 700-800 while the other is 1-700, so just pick the profession you wish to be most excellent at and go for it. The secondary skills category is just a variation of the Professions category but limited to fishing, first aid, cooking and archaeology.

Raid BOP Weapons and Armor are a list of hard to get items that they will get for you, all are level 700 so just pick the one you want, there are seven weapons and nine armor pieces.

Next is the World Events Achievement category, here you can purchase some in game achievements, from Hallowed Be Thy Name to They Really Love Me!, simple. The PVE achievement category is more extended, you have the fast Draenor Flying Unlock, dear mounts achievement, Glory of the Icecrown Raider with 10 or 25 players, Glory of the Ulduar Raider, Guardian of Cenarius, Hail to the Chef, Heroic: Ragnaros or Ascendant Council, High Five 2200, I had it in my hand, Just the two of us 2200, Leading the Cavalry, Looking for Many, Netherdrake Mount Achievement, Observed, School of Hard Knocks, The Argent Champion (with two packs, one includes silver covenant reputation exalted),  The Diplomat, The Light of Dawn, The Twilight Zone, Three’s Company 2200, What was briefly yours is now mine and World Explorer.

Next comes the reputation category where you can purchase nine different packages of honor as well as a package of All Reputation of Legion Exalted. You can also get exalted reputation for such factions as the Valarjar, the Dreamweavers, the Highmountain Tribe, the Court of Farondis, ShaoHao Emperor, Shadowmoon Exiles and Conjurer Margoss. If you’re looking to improve your reputation with your followers, there are packs available for Aeda Brightdawn, Defender Illoona, Leorajh, Talonpriest Ishaal, Tormmok, Delvar Ironfist and Vivianne.

Next up is the Blood of Sargeras category which is a recent but essential crafting reagent from the Legion expansion, here you have three packs of 14, 30 or 70 bundles of Blood of Sargeras. More new content comes next with the Class halls category, here you can get resources for either Order or Garrison. Order resource packs are between 5000 and 20000 while Garrison goes from 1000 to 3000.

Following the new content for Legion comes a category for Apexis Crystals, a new currency introduced in the previous expansion, Warlords of Draenor. There are five packages of 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 and 10000. The Timeless coin category comes next with packs going from 4000 to 20000.

After is the BOP Mount section which has one pack only for the Voidtalon of the Darkstar, a mount which is obtained by clicking on edge of reality portals, these spawn in level 100 arenas so if you want to skip that, this category is for you.

Following are the Draenor Pathfinder Achievements, here you can find packs for Draenor Pathfinder part 1 to 5, one pack per part. Lastly on IGXE’s WOW Power levelling category are Artifacts, here you have three options of 5000, 10000 and 20000 artifact power packs to choose from.

Got all that? If that isn’t nearly enough to satisfy your thirsty for power levelling, let’s go through what you can get on Goldah next, I hope you are still buckled up. Like in IGXE, the page is split into similar categories, Custom, Profession, Honor, Conquest Points, Reputation Epic, MountQuest, Achievement, PVE, Hot Package and PVP Sets.

The Custom option has the usual pick a first and last level as well as two hourly levelling packs of 12 and 24, a Demon Hunter 98-110 pack and a similar one with level 810 Gear Package, five fast options,  a 1-100, 90-100, 1-110, 1-90 and 1-90 with professions. You also have at your disposal a 100-110 regular levelling pack, four similar ones with level 810, 825 or 840 Gear package or with Suramar Main Quests. Lastly there is an 85-90 pack with professions.

The Profession category has nearly every profession available for Power levelling to the max level although some packs are up to 525 and mining, skinning, herbalism and archaeology are not available here, so you have to go back to IGXE.

On to the Honor category, here you have the Gladiator’s Accessories and Armor set lvl 620 in separate packs as well as the Full Set in yet another package. There are also four packs available for honor points, these are 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000. The Conquest Points category has two packages, one for a Disc of the Red Flying Cloud and the other for a S12 set and weapon.

The reputation epic category works the same as the pick a start and end level features, you choose between the Cataclysm, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King or other expansions, pick the faction you want to have stellar reputation with (or just neutral or friendly, you can also choose this) and they will generate a price and duration.

Next is the Mount Quest category which is larger than IGXE’s. Here you can purchase the Reins of the War Talbuk pack, Red Drake, Sha’tari Skyguard’Riding Nether Ray, Amani Battle Bear, Disc of the Red Flying Cloud, Flameward Hippogryph, Netherwing Drake (included with 1000 free gold) and the Reins of The Ice Mammoth pack. There are also two packs of valor points, one for 980 and the other for 1960.

Afterwards you have the Achievement Category. Here you can find seven different achievement packs, the Explore packs for Cataclysm, Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Northrend, Outland and the World Explorer pack as well as the Loremaster achievement.

PVE category comes next, this is where you can buy the 5xman heroic dungeon Challenge Modes -Gold medal 1 and 2 in separate packs, two packs of conquest points of 1350 or 1650, the Firelans 7/7 full set, the Heroic raid 13/13 full set, the HOF (25H) raid 6/6 one talent full set, a 1-85 Ruthless Gladiator’s Full Set (390) level pack, a level 496 full set with a 509 weapon, a MSV (25H) raid 5/5 one talent full set pack, the T16 5/5 set level 553, the siege of Orgrimmar run with one talent (25 normal), a tier 14 set level 496 package, tier 14.5 set level 509 package, a TOES (25H) raid 4/4 one talent full set pack, warlock green fire quest pack and the same pack with the final boss included.

Some of these packages are available in the Hot Package section, this category has nothing exclusive to it. Lastly, the PVP section has the same model as the profession and reputation categories, you pick a start and end level and the website generates the price and the hours.

If you are a simple man with simple tastes, MMOGA is the website for you. They have only four categories and a much shorter and straightforward offer of Powerlevelling. The regular levelling section has (in addition to the start and end level picking option) a 100-110 pack and three other 100-110 levelling packs, each with an increasing level item of 810, 825 or 840.

The reputation section will get you exalted with the Nightfallen, Conjurer Margoss, Court of Farondis, Highmountain Tribe, The Dreamweavers, Valarjar and the Legion. You also have a pack of 8000/12000 honor points with the Nightfallen. On to the Profession category, here you can pick and level up any profession you like with these offers apart from archaeology because no one in WoW likes archaeology.

Lastly you have the Quest category where you can browse packs of quest unlock, packs of 20 or 200 quests, Legion Suramar quest unlocks, Warlock green fire quest, The Emissary Quest x10 and the Legion Suramar Package.

This should cover all your World of Warcract, the offers for EU servers are not very far apart from this so don’t be lazy since you don’t have a reputation for it, go browse the web if you can’t find what you’re looking for here.

Let’s talk gold, if your character is already a forced to be utterly feared around Azeroth but you spent all your gold in pointless clutter, open your wallet and transfer all you got to your virtual self, you can do so with these services.

Goldah’s bundles of gold begin at 10000 across all servers and goes to 1000000, IGXE starts at 10000 and peaks at 2000000 with special highlights to the 180000 and 400000 packs which come included with free Obliterum. On MMOGA, gold packs are between 10000 and 2500000.

If you don’t trust the shifty traders in-game, you can also skip the gold packs and go straight for the items you covet. Goldah’s item page is peculiar but in their gold section there is a wide variety of items listed above the gold packages, from Shadow Priest packages to Mavanah’s Shifting Wristguards, there is a lot to choose from here, as is in other websites.

MMOGA for example lets you choose between level 630 and 860 items with every fifth and tenth level between those two numbers available. They also have a category for crafting reagents, pets, mounts, transmog sets, gems, BOE class packages and an “other” category.

IGXE has three categories that split, BOE splits into BOE armor, weapons and hot packages, Mounts & Pets is quite explanatory how it splits and the Other section has trade goods and toys.

Browse these categories, go on a shopping spree and you are bound to find something useful for your character and your play style.

I hope you paid attention, you will not conquer Azeroth otherwise and you most certainly won’t find a more relevant and popular MMORPG to spend your earnings and time on.

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