nba2k17-legendThe release date of NBA2k17 is 20th September, 2016. Paul George of Indiana Pacers is featured athlete in the cover of Standard version of the game while legendary Kobe Bryant has been featured in the Legend edition.

What’s New in NBA2k17?

The developer Visual Concept tried to adorn the game with more realistic aspects. You can still use NBA2k MT. Other versions include NBA Live Mobile coins

NBA2k17 appearances

  • The streamline menu system has been changed to enable finding the desired game modes faster.
  • Crowd reactions have changed noticeably in NBA 2K17. Stopping of opposition run silences the home crowd and in case of early blowouts the fans tend to move for the exit. The game includes 30 arenas having specific sound and chants for each of them.
  • Kevin Harlan with Greg Anthony will appear as guest analysts including Brent Barry, Chris Webber, Doris Burke & Steve Smith while hoops summit as well as summer league gets commentary support.


  • Fatigue is an important factor in minute-to-minute gameplay in NBA2k17. There is no way to spam turbo up and down the court cause it drains stamina, putting a negative impact on shooting accuracy and probability of injury rises high. The new system leads you to perceive the timing to slam on the accelerator.
  • The shot meter was rebuilt. All shots can be released including hook, layups, floaters, full or even half-court shots without automated animation. The timing differs according to different shots while the better timed shot will get a boost.
  • In the new gameplay a shot can be aimed directly on line or left-right while shooting using analog stick. This feature may get some post –released tuning.
  • Defenders get more responsive movement aligning them between the hoop and the dribbler.
  • Significant improvement of ball stealing system, playcalling, dribbling system, situational motion along with facility of faster adjustments of strategy and lineup during timeout.


  • League expanded to 36 teams’ capacity.
  • After addition of a team, selection of arena and jersey is random from 10 present options made by the producer. All 10 teams are supported with full commentary.
  • Intro of new trade wrinkles, for example players are tradable during the offseason, pick protections and swaps.
  • Improved trade rumors, new team control, rotation control, features, better scouting logic bunch of new rules also enabled edition of staff in the Roster Creator.
  • Injury possibility in summer league and offseason automated addition of jerseys that is released over time.


  • For career the options are 10 schools –Texas, Georgetown, Illinois, Arizona, Kansas, Louisville, Oklahoma, Michigan State, UConn and Wake Forest.
  • New player creating options by scanning your face using the mobile app of MyNBA2k17.
  • Introduction of player archetypes to the player creation(choosing specific playing position and type)
  • Most interesting feature – a fictional character of Michael B. Jordan has been added who is named as Justice Young. He is like a sidekick to your player.
  • Coaches provide useful strategy suggestions at timeout depending on your gameplay.


  • Online Myleague has been expanded where you can play 80 seasons with friends.
  • Introduction of the ‘’keepers’’ concept, development of player age, prospects and inclusion of injury.
  • Player’s age and regress and prospects develop, so you need to keep this in mind when making roster decisions and letting admins dictate much more.

General/ Online

  • Return of payoff mode, MyLeague Star Today mode and improved MyPark matchmaking.
  • Division into rookie, pro & elite brackets by the leveling system.

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