u7buyEstablished way back in 2013, u7buy has been a popular and trusted supplier of ingame items and currency for many high profile games like WOW or SWTOR. The website has started to gain fame as time goes on and this is clearly evident by the supported and active community as well as a strong presence on social media websites. But is u7buy the best currency mediator online? The following paragraphs will talk about all of the aspects of u7buy and conclude from there, so let’s dig into this website and see what it has to offer.

Cheap prices

When talking about u7buy services 1 paragraph will not be enough. The website offers an insane amount of different high quality services which are bound to cater to almost any type of gamer, be they a casual or a hardcore 30 year old that hasn’t left their moms basement. First off, you have your standard game currency selling service which provides you with descent amounts of gold for a fairly cheap price compared to most websites of this type. Then we have the standard item store which is on every website. It is pretty straightforward and also has a neat little search function which means that you can find what you are looking for in no time. U7buy also contains a power leveling system which is pretty complex for what it is and as a bonus it is all done by hand which means that no one can ban your account for using this. Looking at the above services we can conclude that the websites creators actually listen to the communities needs and provide excellent and cheap ingame services. I would also like to mention that the website also works as a preorder platform where you can preorder the newest video games and have the digital key be delivered to you within the next 5 minutes, a neat little extra for anyone sick of Steam or Origin.

FIFA Point accounts at U7buy

u7buyWhilst at first glance the main video game list may seem a bit underwhelming, the sheer amount of depth given to each ingame service makes up for this. The site has 22 games in total all of which are the most active online games these days making sure that you will probably find what you need on the website. A neat little feature is that some games have a dedicated section for specific functions. For example, FIFA games have a special field on the website dedicated to selling Points Accounts specifically catering towards FIFA 17 players. Whilst this can be found on some other sites, it is a fairly nice and often overlooked feature that I am sure people would like to see more of.

Payment options

U7buy is a bit skimpy when it comes to payment options with some fairly important ones, like Skrill, missing from the picture. This will surely put some people off but you can rest assured that all other popular payment methods are accepted by u7buy. You can use PayPal and VISA as well as DISCOVER cards, which is a fairly rare thing. A neat little thing when it comes to payment is that u7buy takes all refunds seriously and you will be treated like a human being when it comes to refunds. Unmade deliveries will be continued or fully refunded and you can even get a store credit type of deal with the website in order to use that money on your next purchase. The site is marked as highly trusted amongst the online gaming community and especially when it comes to MMORPGS like SWTOR and WOW since u7buy has seen a lot of gold and item transactions for those games.

Naturally, as all of these websites go, u7buy offers a plethora of coupons and special discounts which can be gotten from almost anywhere and even simply liking them on Facebook will net you a 3% discount on your next purchase. Discounts can also be gotten from pretty much anywhere and they can go up to 10% which can make some of the bigger purchases a bit easier to take care of. The website does not have, that I know of, an affiliate system clearly visible which is somewhat rare for websites of this nature. This is not necessarily bad for you as the consumer and there is a way to do this by contacting the website as stated in the terms and conditions but this will sadly provide a great challenge to u7buy when it comes to advertising.

Conclusion: U7buy – Reliable – cheap – good support

top-sellerFinally, my honest thoughts on the website are as follows. U7buy is a neat little website which you can get your items and gold for a descent price and with an impressively fast delivery system. The website does have some kinks to be worked out within its code since I have experienced a few errors during the writing of this review (but they might just be circumstantial). The payment methods are descent but, of course, people will tend to turn their heads when they find that Skrill is not accepted like on so many websites of this nature. The website has a descent tech support system and I have actually had a wonderful chat with one of their representatives called lucy. In the end after taking all of this into account I can say the following. U7buy is an excellent and trusted currency mediator with just a few simple kinks that need to be worked out. The site is clearly a legit seller with a strong foothold within the online gaming community which is why; if you need some cheap gold or items you can get down to u7buy and get them for a cheaper price than ever.

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