1. Questing

• Questing in RuneScape is somewhat different than other MMORPGs. Delve into rich storylines, where your actions have a real impact on the game world.

2. Craft Your Own Adventure

• Set yourself some goals: having an objective in RuneScape will help you create your own path within the game.

3. Use the RuneScape Wikia Page

• The RuneScape wikia page is a great resource for novice and veteran players – if you are stuck, they probably definitely have the answer.

4. Traverse the World Map

• The world map has a great filter section that allows you to search for exactly what you want in the game world.

5. The Basics of Battle

• Combat works using three combat styles in a combat triangle and system of abilities. The triangle is: Magic beats Melee, Melee beats Ranged, Range beats Magic. Every style has its own abilities, and clever use of these abilities makes a player much stronger.

6. Join a Clan

• Clans are groups of people who share a chat and (may) own a Citadel, which is a special base that’s unique to each clan.

7. The Grand Exchange

• The Grand Exchange is the market place of RuneScape – it’s automated, so buying and selling stuff takes very little effort.

8. Menaphos: The Golden City

• Journey to the Menaphos: The Golden City – RuneScape has a new expansion, a whole new city to explore and uncover for new players and veterans alike.

9. Utilize the Path System

• Find your own path – Use the Path System to choose the first steps in your journey. If you ever need a nudge in the right direction, it’ll point you to content based on your choice of three categories: questing, combat and non-combat skills.

10. Get Familiar With All the Combat Systems

• Get to know the various combat systems – experiment with Manual, Revolution, or Legacy Mode systems. Visit the Combat Academy in Lumbridge for a rewarding tutorial.

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