Star Trek Online

Stark Trek Online is an MMORPG based on the popular sci-fi franchise Star Trek and developed by Cryptic Studios. It is the first online game in Star Trek history and although it required a monthly subscription and a game purchase upon release, it has since 2012 been made available as a free-to-play game.

With 3.2 million accounts as of 2014, three expansion packs under its belt as well as the Best New MMO of 2010 award by Massive Online Gamer’s Reader Choice awards, it was already a highly anticipated game for the massive Star Trek fan base. Mixed and overall mediocre reviews from critics did little to stop the game from getting huge since anything Star Trek will be met with major hype from fans.

Best shops

To be the number one badass of the Star Trek Online universe, these online services will make sure no one stands in your path.

Both Goldah and IGXE have Power Levelling services. A 12, 24, 36 or 48 hour level pack is available as well as rank levelling packs, Captain, Commander, General, Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander 1-11. There are also regular levelling packages of 1-10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 and the usual pick a start and end level option which is also available on IGXE.

IGXE has a 12 or 24 hour levelling service, four 1-11 rank level packs for Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Captain or Commander as well as a General Admiral 1-5 pack and a Hot Lieutenant 1- General 5 pack that comes included with 2000k Energy credits for free and several insignias. They also have a 1-20, 30, 40 or 50 level packs, each included with increasing amounts of free energy credits.

If in-game wallet size is what ails you, plenty of credit bundles are at your disposal. MMOOK has the same amount for every server starting at 40M and reaching 8000 while MMOGA’s credit packs are different depending on the platform you play with, PC packs go from 20 million to 5000 million credits, PS4 start at 3 million and reach 600 million and X-BOX One are between 2 million and 600 million.

IGXE’s credits seem to be available in NA servers exclusively and range from 50M to 2000M while Goldah has different starting bundles for XBOX and PS4 with the first starting at 2M and the latter at 5M, both peaking on 100M. Goldah has no credit offers for PC players.

Although items are not available for purchase around these sites, they offer Master Keys which will unlock unique items and rewards in game. On MMOGA you win if you have a PC since Master Key packs reach 1000 while in both consoles they reach only 400, they all start at 4. MMOOK’s bundles of Master Keys are the same for every server and system, going from 10 to 3000 keys while IGXE begins at 10 as well but only goes as far as 500, their offers for master keys are also American exclusive and the same across all available servers and gaming systems.

Your voyage through the dark depths of space will be a gentle, glorious breeze as long as you partake in these services.

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