The bank is one of the most important things in RuneScape. You can not do without a bank, where do you want to leave your stuff safe?

In the world of RuneScape you will encounter many banks: in towns, villages, caves, call it up. Some banks will be in a convenient location and some will not. The places of the banks can be found on the world map. They are indicated by Bank. You can get cheap Runescape gold at 4rsgold.

Some banks will also be underground or not on the ground floor, such as those in Lumbridge Castle, Ourania Cave, TzHaar, Dorgesh Kaan, Grand Tree, Keldagrim, Tarn’s Lair and Zanaris. There are two banks in RuneScape that you have to pay before you can enter. These are the banks in the Ourania Cave and in Tarn’s Lair. Whenever you want to come in to your bank of the Ourania Altar you will have to pay some runes. So take cheap runes like four or body runes! The bank in Tarn’s Lair has to pay you 100gp each time before you can enter this bank. The other banks are free of charge. You will need Old school RS Gold or normal Runescape gold to store.

Types of banks

There are four types of banks:

  • A normal bank with one or more people. Here you can do everything like recording and deposit, setting a pincode, and picking up your Grand Exchange stuff.
  • A box – There is no person (banker) here. You can only get stuff on your bank and bank from here.
  • The deposit box of deposit chest – Allows you to put items in your bank only. You can not afford anything here.
  • The traveling bank – These are males with a big backpack on their backs. You can bank with these men, pick up your stuff from the Grand Exchange and set a pin.


Store items and get them off

On the couch you can safely store items. Open the bank and click on the items in your inventory to put them on the couch. You can pick them up again by pressing the items in the bank. Right-clicking allows you to get some items at the same time from the bank so you do not have to click twenty times to get some fish from the bank. You can use the abbreviations k and m for thousands and millions in the input box for the number of objects.

When you open your bank, you will see different (empty) tabs at the top of the bank window. These tabs are useful because you can share your bank better. As a result, all the items are not broken and you can find things easier. Drag an item to a tab to make a tab as desired. Below is an example of a bank with tabs.

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