RPGStash Review

RPGStash is a passion project that came into being after a few entrepreneurs operating on eBay during 2001 came into contact and created this company. It underwent through many changes over the years, Godlyitems.com was the sites original name in fact, but after years of perfecting their methods, RPGStash came out as an excellent online marketplace. The website is currently operated by a small number of dedicated gamers, and the dedication really shows in the sheer amount of different services available. Take a look at our best RPGStash coupon

Services, items and gold

RPGStash hosts a large number of different services that are unique to each game. Sadly none of these allow for a huge amount of customization, but they pretty much cover everything you may want to have in your MMO. The gold purchase service is simple and straightforward and it allows you to enter a multiple of a thousand coins, within a certain range (meaning that you cannot just buy 1000 coins since it is a waste of the sites resources). This method is fairly easy to use and will probably be liked by most of the sites customers. An interesting thing to mention is that the website does not contain any item selling service to speak of, but their other ingame related services do include certain items based on the package you decide to buy. You will, for example, have the ability to purchase gear sets or pets/mounts, but you will have little to no choice as to what that will be at times. The power leveling service itself is nicely designed and straightforward. Sadly you will not be able to customize it much, seeing as the site offers only preselect choices, but you will be able to level up from the lowest to the maximum level with one simple purchase. The purchases of power leveling also come with certain benefits like gold or items, as I have stated before, and they pretty cheap as far as these services go. RPGStash also provides services that are considered to be very in-depth, as they provide quest completion services and achievement services, which is something not many websites do. Aside from these usual services, the website seems to operate through multiple online stores, where they have branched out to sell many different things such as CD keys and accounts, which shows that they are truly growing into something big.


The website has very little to offer when it comes to the variety of video games. They have all of the basics covered like World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic but since the site seems to be undergoing some changes, a lot of the games have little to no services attached to them. For example, Star Wars the Old Republic has nothing as of writing this review. Because of the websites background and experience, I do assume that this problem will be solved and that services will be added, apart from more games, but currently it leaves a lot to be desired. But what is really obscure about this website is that, they currently do not have services for a big AAA game, but somehow have them for smaller ones. I do understand that it is easier and in some cases more profitable, but the customer should always be taken into account.

Impressive Payment Options

This website is really impressive when it comes to the payment options; they just let you use anything. All of the big players like PayPal are here of course, but you can also use some of the more obscure methods like SMS payments or even web money like bitcoin. The site has pretty much covered everything when it comes to payment and virtually all international customers have the chance to get their hands on the item they want. Another little feature that might be meaningless to some but important to others is the payment options section on the website. I say this because it is nice to see your options before you get disappointed at checkout when you figure out that you do not have any of the allowed payment methods.

RPGStash discount and special offers

The website offers a plethora of discounts, special offers and one time deals as many websites of this nature do. The deals are generally nice and the prices are often slashed to a fraction of what they used to be. Aside from these, the site also has an intriguing loyalty system put in place. It essentially works through points that you accumulate as you purchase more and more stuff from the site. But unlike other sites, this is not based on how much you buy, but rather what you buy. Each item is worth a specific amount of points that you can convert into money at any time. Of course the site won’t just pay you and the money can only be used on the site, but it is a genius ide none the less. Of course, there is the affiliate system, but a pretty basic one. Essentially you just refer people to the website and on each of their purchases; you get 10%, which will be paid of to you on a specified date.


In my honest opinion this site is pretty good, if you know what you are looking for. The website has a nice modern looking design and a dedicated support team with a live chat service that you can access any time either to discuss a problem, or to chat during those long and cold nights. The site does need to have a bit more when it comes to variety and customization since, at the time of writing this, it only provides services for 13 games in total, and some of them are just placeholders to be added in later making the real number of games even lower. Like I said in the beginning, this is a great site but only if you know what you want to get. And if you do, by all means visit it and you are bound to start having more fun in your game, no matter which one it is

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