Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus is a free-to-play MMORPG by Korean developer and publisher Nexon. It is known for its focus on powerful mounts and flying battles in said mounts (hence the name) since they are meant for more than transportation.

With impressive graphics and innovative gameplay as well as 16,814 players at its peak with only a few months out in the market (as well as an average of 2,487 players per hour) Riders of Icarus promises to be an interesting game that will make its mark in the gaming world.

Best shops

If you are aiming to ride your way to the top of the dragon food chain with your very own dragon without the need to look everywhere for one, consider these online services the internet has for you.

For a character worthy of siting on a mighty dragon’s back, power levelling packs are available in most websites although oddly enough, it is absent in Goldah. MMOOK, also odd, has two power levelling options, a 1-25 and a 1-35 pack. Both IGXE and MMOGA have the usual pick a start and end level option, this being the only one available on MMOGA. IGXE has three other options at your disposal, a 1-25 or 35 pack and a 25-35 pack.

If what you need is a ton of gold to make your dragon feel happy, plenty of gold is available for purchase on the web. Offers of 20 to 10000 gold packs can be picked on Goldah in both NA and EU servers. Same server amounts are also at your disposal on MMOGA starting at 300 and going to 10000 as well as in IGXE where all servers have purchasable gold packages between 1000 and 50000 gold. MMOOK also has equal gold packs across all servers, from 2000 to 300000.

This is all the help available the internet has to offer, if you want a dragon go jump on its back and tame the thing.

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