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Pokemon GO: Buying Pokemon and accounts

pokemon-go-bannerPokemon GO is a free-to-play, augmented reality game developed by Niantic for IOS and Android devices. It has become wildly popular in the few months it has been out for its innovative, never before seen technic of getting gamers out of the house, overcrowding previously empty public spaces, keeping grocery stores and bakeries open until 3 am, reinforcing or easing down security measures in various private locations and even reaching the mouths of presidential candidates.

For the first time, the amount of hype for a video game could be seen in public as hordes of men, women and children roam the cities with their phones out, looking for pokemon and collecting poke balls at various sites of interest, most of which had nearly been forgotten by time.

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Pokemon Go Info


Needless to say that it was one of the most profitable and widely used mobile apps of the year, with over 500 million downloads worldwide. It popularized location-based and augmented reality gaming, promoted physical activity instead of couch sinking, boosted local business and small commerce, contributed to various accidents, some of them funny, others serious, as well as originating a lot of internet humour, even government sanctioned legislations were passed regarding the game in some countries where officials had deemed it a nuisance.

With such mass media coverage and overall popularity, it goes without saying that the internet will offer services for anyone looking to get ahead in this game and defeat the purpose of getting out of the house for the thrill of catching wild fantasy animals on your neighbour’s tool shed.

MMOGA offers the most versatile service, you can pick it up at any level in case you started the game already and got bored along the way, just choose the starting level and the end level that you want your account to pay for. This will include all captured and evolved Pokemon and a guarantee of high flexibility and individuality.

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Step by step guide how to buy Pokemon GO stuff:

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Goldah and MMOGA offer a lot more variety of accounts, including normal, rare and super rare accounts, just look in the list and pick whichever combination suits you best, there are all sorts of different stardust and CP amounts, different and sometimes random Pokemons included in various amounts as well. The most desired Pokemons seem to be Dragonite and Snorlax since they are included in every super rare account and are always mentioned when available.

If you have an account and want to level it instead of buying another, both websites offer power levelling services for both Pokemon and player accounts. You can pay for an amount of XP between 100K and 1000k on Goldah while in MMOOK you can go from 200K to 5000K XP. There is also the option of paying for levelling and not for XP which are available in MMOOK in packages of 1-20 all the way to 40, the current level cap.

MMOGA has a wide and inconsistent offer of power levelling since the site is home to individual players offering their services in a mercenary like fashion instead of a company style united force so you are better off investigating these offers yourself and picking which one suits you better. They also offer a wide variety of catch services although not as wide as the in-game offer of Pokemon, feature Pokemon power levelling services and random Pokemon catch services with specific numbers involved.

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Pokemon GO: Things to buy

If you don’t want to pay for the catch, you can pay for the Pokemons themselves, most of them are available for purchase at varying levels, individually or in specific or random packs. You can also pay to have every Pokemon in your pokedex at Goldah.

Another important ingredient of Pokemon GO success is candy and stardust, if you don’t want to pay for Pokemon upgrading and levelling, farming services for these two crucial in game necessities are available in most websites.

Candy is used to level up Pokemon or increase their CP and is exclusive to each individual Pokemon as well as their subsequent evolutions. Specific Pokemon Candy can be purchased with the minimum amount being 10 and the limit being your wallet on Goldah, MMOOK offers only 52 candy packs per Pokemon.

Stardust serves the same purpose but can be used on any Pokemon you want so it’s a more versatile option. You can purchase farming services that will get you between 10K and 100k stardust on Goldah, MMOGA has packs of 15K to 50K only, plenty of options to choose from.

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