pokemon-go-bannerAt almost any given time, you can pass through a park or down a city street and see someone holding their phone out – almost wandering aimlessly, playing Pokemon Go. I have been playing the game since it was first released and have some great tips and tricks for those are just starting out.

Parks and Attractions have Multiple Pokestops: Pokemon can be found just about everywhere (unfortunately not in my front or backyard) in the World, but a great place to focus your aimless wandering would be a large park or an attraction in your area that has a good number of Pokestops. It is really important that while you are scooping up all of your favorite guys that you are also picking up Pokeballs that can only be found at Pokestops or when you level up. Some parks are better than others, so be sure to ask some of your friends or coworkers in your area where you will find multiple stops.


Trust me, you don’t want to be without Pokeballs when you stumble across that rare Pokemon (I still have nightmare about the Snorlax that I lost!)

Poké hunt with others: It’s always a great idea to play Pokemon Go with other people because it simply makes it easier to find the Pokemon – sometimes you just need to step in the right place, or one will notice something pop in their sightings before anyone else. Covering more ground increases your chances at finding more Pokemon.

Be aware of your surroundings: Let’s face it, news about Pokemon Go has really given Millennials a bad rap. From people walking off cliffs, to being lured to PokeStops and robbed to crashing cars, people just are not using their heads while playing the game. Remember the above tip to hunt in numbers, it is safer to be with a friend or two. If you are playing at night time, stick to the well-lit areas or have your car nearby. And of course, keep in mind that no Pokemon is worth falling off of a cliff!

Parking lots aren’t just for cars: It’s unclear as to why, but Pokemon seem to spawn in numbers in parking lots. I always have a lot of luck with Shopping Mall parking lots and parking lots of grocery stores, typically finding anywhere from 3-5 Pokemon. Of course, again as mentioned above, BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS, parking lots are for cars!

Up your XP with every throw: Not only can you receive XP by catching Pokemon, but you can also increase your XP with special throws. Learn to throw a curve ball or make ‘nice’, ‘great’ or ‘excellent’ shots and not only will you level up faster, but you will be more likely to keep that Pokemon in that Pokeball. You can make these great throws by tapping and waiting to throw your ball until the ring cycle is at the correct spot.

Use Razz Berries and Great and Ultra Balls to collect those harder Pokemon: If you’ve found a rare Pokemon or a Pokemon that is angry, be sure to start with a Razz Berry to help make the Pokemon happier and then use those Great and Ultra balls to help improve your chances.

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