NHL 17 is an Ice Hockey simulator developed by EA Canada, published by EA sports and supported by the NHL. It is the 26th instalment of the NHL game series, the top Hockey video game franchise and features a number of gameplay improvements in AI and physics as well as additions in game modes, both of which were highly praised by critics.

Having received overall positive reviews and considered highly re-playable, it is the top Hockey video game on the market right now and one that promises to keep two friends somewhere all over the world from leaving the couch.

Best shops

Similar to games such as FIFA and MADDEN NFL, NHL 17 features a coin system, you buy coins to improve your team player stats. In the Ultimate team mode, the online competitive mode, these coins are essential to become the Hockey champion of the online community, if you need a coin boost for your team, consider these options online.

IGXE offers NHL coins from 20K to 1000K, the same amounts are available for X-BOX One and PS4. In contrast, Goldah has 30K to 5000K packs for X-BOX while PS4 bundles start at 10K and max at the same number as the X-BOX packs.

This is all the online help you can purchase for NHL 17, now go puck your adversaries in the face.

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