Dunking is as principal a piece of cutting edge ball as some other part of the game, so you can be guaranteed the expertise is very much spoken to in NBA 2K20. There are two entirely fundamental components of dunking that you ought to comprehend before you attempt to take the plunge in-game.

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NBA 2K20 – How To Dunk

In the first place, not all hotshot are made similarly. Some are simply greater at dunking than others. How great your player is at dunking will rely upon their details, so don’t attempt to go for a dunk with a player who simply isn’t prepared to pull it off.

Besides, there are two sorts of dunks in NBA 2K20, arbitrary, or ones that you explicitly choose to do. Simply go for a shot when you are close to the loop (X on Xbox, Square on Playstation) will make the player go for an irregular shot, for the most part either a dunk or a layup. You can, obviously, decide to go for a particular sort of by contributing certain commans.

Prevailing Dunk

This will utilize the players prevailing hand to go for the dunk. Simply hold RT and afterward press towards the predominant hand. You have to realize which hand is the predominant hand, so study your players well.

Random Dunk

As above, hold RT and press towards the players random. What will educate a choice to go for a predominant hand or an impromptu dunk is the situating of any protective player among you and the circle.

Two-hand Dunk

Hold RT and press the privilege thumbstick up to for a Two-hand Dunk.

Conspicuous Dunk

Hold RT and afterward push down on the correct stick to add some flare to your dunk.

Furthermore, that is it. Make sure to gain proficiency with your player’s capacities well to locate the genuine Dunk Masters in your group.

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