MMOGA Review

mmoga screenshotMMOGA is a website with over 8 years of experience with selling virtual currency, video games and everything in between. They were in fact on of the first professional mediators of online gold on the European market. Unlike other websites that specialize in this field, MMOGA provides its customers with not only online items and currencies, but also with pre-orders, gift cards and even iTunes songs of all things.

Is MMOGA legit?

Essentially, this is the place to go for most of your purchases .The website is highly reviewed by its clients and it generally popular amongst the online gaming community. It is safe to say, you will not be scammed here. Take a look at our best MMOGA coupon


MMOGA has a number of services all revolving around digital keys and items. They sell virtually all sorts of different items and video game currencies. A really nice thing about this website is the great number of fantastic deals for video game keys and pre-orders for all of the popular digital platforms like Steam and Origin and even including console keys for PSN and Xbox Live. Honestly, this sets it apart a bit and makes it stand out since it has all of the big players covered and makes sure that no one gets left out allowing you to buy items and currency for any game you want be it on Console or on PC.

Random Keys

The site also includes a Random Key service which gives you the chance to get games ranging anywhere from $2 up to AAA $60 games. If per chance you are not looking for games but rather items and currency then MMOGA has what you are looking for. The site harbors a large collection of skins, items, level up packs, guides and much more for any video game on the market. The items range from some of the most basic items up to end game “Super” items that are only held by the most dedicated of players. And it can clearly be seen that these guys don’t mess around since they have level and item packs that go up to $500 per pack.

But it is a big world and if video games are not your fancy then MMOGA has you covered with various keys for Software like AntiVirus Security suits and even VPNs. You can even get your operating system from this website at a noticeably cheaper price than other retailers. I would like to mention that MMOGA has been tested by us and we found that the website has fast delivery times and and is completely trustworthy when it comes to delivering the end product.


MMOGA provides you with services for almost any big MMO game like Guild of Wars 2 and World of Warcraft and even for some lesser known ones like Tibia. Each videogame has a list of specific services tied to it and some games will come with only gold purchases while others come with level ups and special items. There are even games that come with special packs that come with bonus items and special gifts as the price goes up. Some of the games which are supported by this seller are:Wow gold MMOGA

World of Warcraft

Guild Wars
Diablo 3
The Elder Scrolls online
And many more…

The video game purchase section on this website contains DLC and special editions of video games and offers excellent prices on them. MMOGA also contains a section that is relatively new to the online video game markets and that is VR gaming. You can purchase new VR games from this website at cheaper prices and with a dedicated support team standing by to help.

MMOGA Payment options

MMOGA contains a large number of different payment methods covering almost all of their potential consumers. More popular services like PayPal and Skrill are supported, naturally, but other more specific methods like bitcoin and Mazooma. The fees are generally small leading to the website being largely used by the gaming community for their purchases which is why the large number of payment providers.

MMOGA discount and coupons

The website also supports various discounts through vouchers and a special promotion called “Loyalty Discounts” which provides clients with discounts up to 10% based on the total money spent by their account. Vouchers are also handed out the easy way by just liking MMOGA on social pages and other simple stuff like that. MMOGA also contains an affiliate program that allows users to send special links that net them a gain every time they are used for purchasing items, keys or gold. While it might seem small and meaningless, the affiliate program is able to generate a lot of income for users on websites as popular as this one.

MMOGA support

As for other information regarding MMOGA, I would like to add that the website has an excellent support section that is quick to solve any problem customers have. The support section also provides a bunch of handy tutorials regarding video game installation and hardware set up for those difficult problems that just keep popping up .Also, in keeping with the websites cheap prices, MMOGA offers extremely low deals on the popular games of each year with discounts ranging from 50% up to 80% for some games.

What’s not to like?

In my honest opinion, this is a really good website for gamers in general since it not only offers you items and gold that you can simply get with a bit of grinding, but rather it is evolving into a video game market of sorts. Its design is a bit average looking as with most of these types of websites but it shows that its creators really wanted to make something big here. MMOGA is present on social media and even has a blog where they actually engage with the gaming community unlike most video game market websites. Support for a lot of different languages, tech support, a lot of payment options and deals, what’s not to like? All in all, I wouldn’t mind throwing my hard earned money away on this website just to get the Talisman of Jaimil Lightheart.

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