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maplestory-cheap-golMapleStory is a Korean free-to-play, 2D MMORPG side-scroller developed by Wizet in 2003. Featuring its own anime series, two IOS and one DS adaptation, a Facebook game format adaptation and a trading card game, it is safe to say the game is inspiring.

On top of that, more than a million players have purchased items on their cash shop, back in 2006 it had a total of 39 million user accounts worldwide and it still counts with 8 million users as of 2011. It had earned over 300 million dollars in 2006 and in 2014 was ranked among the top MMO’s by international income alone.

It has received two relatively recent updates, Big Bang and Chaos, the latter one introducing PvP into the game. Although it’s a 13 year old game and the sequel has been out for a year, MapleStory is still widely played and enjoyed by gamers around the world.

If you wish to master this story as quickly and effectively as you can, online merchants have services to offer you and your friends.

Your side-scrolling 2D hero can go from a lowly peasant to a brutal knight in a matter of days and weeks with these power levelling services. Both IGXE and OgPal have plenty of levelling packages to offer you, both sport the usual pick a start and end level option as well as other packs.

MapleStory : What and where to buy?

OgPal has fast power levelling solutions starting with the basic 1-70 fast pack which takes one day, going to a 1-160 package of 6 to 7 days and anything in between. IGXE has more random offers, from 12/24 hours any level packs to 1-50/70/90 packs with random items included. They guarantee all the loot stays with you while they do this.

Each of these websites also offers Fame power levelling and their offers are very similar, starting at 20 Fame points, you can buy packs between that and 200 Fame points.

If you are on the lookout for items, IGXE is the solution. Shoes, daggers, pants, wands, shooters, capes, tops, swords, gloves, earrings, belts, crossbows, shields of various kinds are available for purchase right here. MMOOK has some items, platinum scissors and three differently colored cubes but these are only available in one specific EU server.

Step by step guide how to buy MapleStory gold

  1. Go to IGXE (our favorite)
  2. Add desired amount of gold to cart
  3. Go to cart
  4. Add coupon code: “VirtualGameCurrency” to your cart for a massive 3% discount
  5. Wait a few minutes
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  7. Enjoy your wealth

Powerlevels and more

If you want power levelling in PVP ranks, IGXE has that option too from 1-19 to 30-39, a certain amount if glory is required for this, the minimum being 54000. This is also available on Goldah but they only have one package, meaning you need 150000 glory.

In addition to their other regular power levelling packs of 1-70, 40-60 and others, they offer a super-fast 1-80 package if waiting is not your strong suit. If this is true you might consider the power levelling options on Goldah which are all fast and cover every level.

IGXE’s power levelling category also has offers for dungeon tokens of all kinds from Deadly Blooms to Shards of Zhaitan, Legendary weapons including Twilight, The Minstrel, Kudzu and others.

Both IGXE and Goldah have discipline power levelling available for each crafting option from level 1 to 400 with no middle term, however, your character needs to be over level 80 to purchase these bundles.

If gold is what you crave, the offer is also widespread but there is a catch. According to MMOOK it is unsafe to trade over 300 gold in the game so they offer to buy items you want to sell so you can technically get the gold yourself. IGXE also claims some similar points but instead they say you can only take 500 gold from your mailbox each week, regardless of that, they have a simple package display starting at 200 all the way to 10000.

Goldah offers gold from 50 packs to 20000 while MMOGA goes from 100 to 10000.

If you want to get some items for yourself or to trade for gold (since it works like that in some online locations) IGXE is your best bet, MMOGA has ectoplasm packs from 200 to 90000 but nothing else.

Materials, Mini pets, gems cards, skins and legendary weapons are at your disposal here. Most materials are sold individually while some come in bundles of varying amounts. Gems come in packages of 800 to 36000 while gem cards of 22000 are purchasable individually, in pairs and between that and packs of 30.

172 skins are available for purchase individually, these packs are purely aesthetic so just pick whichever makes you feel stylish in the game and go with it.

The items category is mostly a market for weapons and shields of all kinds, swords, axes, hammers, bows, pistols, staffs, some are better than others, browse their selection and find the right one for your character. The legendary weapons are also at your disposal in here.

Pets include undead chickens, Krait Witches, Karka hatchlings, Reef Drakes, Jack-a-Lops and others.

All this will be more than enough boost for you in the epic that is Guild Wars 2, good luck and have fun.

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