Alex Hunter, does this name sound familiar to you? Then it’s very likely you played FIFA 17 as well. One of the biggest additions at the FIFA 17 game was the new story mode, called The Journey. It was also the most significant new addition to the game since Ultimate Team. You can buy fifa 18 ultimate team coins to become a better FIFA 18 player. It was the first time ever for any EA sports game there was a storyline in the game. This year the FIFA game also will contain a storyline, named the journey. This year experts think that the story and journey continuous. There are other EA sports games who will follow and get the same story modes as well.

Alex Hunter

Do you want to know more about this story mode and of course the star of the Journey? Then you’ll have to read this! You know you can use fifa 18 coins to buy in game stuff to become a better player and to win more matches. Alex Hunter was named one of the best young talents in the academy. He is a boy and 17 years old. He wants to make his mark in the Premier League to emulate his legendary grandfather. But you have to help him, because otherwise he is not going to make it in the Premier League.

The journey

Now you know who Alex Hunter is, you definitely want to know how you can make Alex Hunter a superstar. The Journey is filled with different parts. Two of the most important parts are training exercises and playing matches. You’ll make Alex Hunter a better player if you play enough attention to those things. Of course you can buy cheap fifa 18 coins to use in the game and win more matches.

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