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igxe legit noscamIGXE is a website established way back in 2003 and is slowly blossoming on the online video game market. They offer a large variety of different items and gold packs that come in bundles that cater to the casual and the hardcore players alike. Because the site has operated for so long, they do have an impressively extensive list of video games and services and offer you deals on games you even forgot existed. With new deals and video games coming each day, the website slowly gathers up its strengths and is always able to take on the feistiest of competitors. Take a look at our best IGXE coupon

Is IGXE Legit/Services

IGXE offers an extensive array of services that are designed to get you up and going in any video game you play. Each game has its on specific set of services and packs that range from simple gold purchases to something more complex like power leveling and account purchases. These special services are extremely well done and will improve your gaming experience tenfold, if you are willing to dish out the money that is. The account purchasing service works for a good amount of games and it will come with, apart from a high level account, high quality items and large amounts of in game currency and other goods that would have otherwise taken you months to grind for. The sites power leveling system is one of the most, if not the most, impressive ones I have ever seen. Not only does it allow you to level up from any level up to your desired one, but also allows you to pay for added extra options like leveling up a certain skill to max or adding a special item or a certain amount of currency. Keep in mind though that this service takes some time to complete and with enough added extras it can reach ridiculous prices upwards to a thousand dollars for an all-inclusive service. IGXE also provides you with special services for certain games like World of Warcraft where you can chose to purchase some truly specialized services like Achievements, Quest completions or even skills and professions. The website truly offers a unique set of services that will cater to the needs of almost anyone.

Choices, choices, choiceswow-gold-cheap

Being present on the video game market for such a long time, IGXE has a mind bogglingly high amount of different video games to choose from. In fact, the number of games is so high, that I have come across some games that have virtually no player base anymore, which is good for those players that just can’t let an old character die out. Each game has its own specific services and delivery time regarding them, and all of the games servers are supported for purchasing of any sort of service. In fact, some games like CS: GO have up to 11 different services you can purchase and games like World of Warcraft have services that branch out leading to hundreds of different choices regarding your purchase.

IGXE Payment Methods

The payment methods available on the website are a nice bunch, providing the basics like PayPal and Skrill and also adding GifCard and CASHU purchases for those of you that prefer other alternatives. All of the purchases are guaranteed to be safe and “handmade” by professional players without the use of cheats or accelerators that would get your account banned. Also, as an added security, the website offers an advanced order tracking system that will let you monitor your purchase until the service is complete, making sure you get your money’s worth. Apart from purchasing, the website also offers gamers to sell their items, account or gold via transactions monitored by the website. These transactions all go through dedicated departments and insure that the website has a constant flow of items and a nicely stockpiled stash of coins and gold for video games.

Experienced Seller

Being so long in the business, IGXE has learned the value of their customers and has thus provided a large amount of nice bonuses and special offers to anyone that wants them. On the website, you can get a bounty of discounts, codes, vouchers and special deals that will make any overly expensive purchase seem small. A special “Loyalty” system is set in place to make sure that customers that spend a certain amount of money on the website are rewarded for their loyalty by discounts that go up to 10% on all purchases. Apart from that, the site also has its own Gif Card systems that, strangely, are 1:1 prices (i.e. $100 for a $100 Gift card) but they have an added discount on all purchases made with them that goes up to 10% with the most expensive cards. Also, a segment on the website is dedicated to special deals that are set each day and provide you with a nice discount on some good quality items for a limited time. And of course, there is the affiliate system .The website offers you a chance to earn at least $50 a month by posting referral links and also an added 1% of the purchase made using your link. A really neat and unusual feature to this is that customers can chose to take items and gold as payment for the referral system instead of the money, which shows that the website knows its consumer base.


In my honest opinion, while a bit dated, the website is going strong and provides you with an extremely secure and trustworthy source of ingame currency, levels and accounts for a low price. Hosting a vast array of live chat systems, tracking systems and a large knowledge base, IGXE insures that you are always happy with your purchase no matter what happens. The site shows dedication to its customers and provides a large number of services. Even though some of them are dated, the site clearly has everything a player would need to grow their account in any video game world. So whether your need is gold, leveling, accounts or just skins and special items, IGXE has it all.

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