While Pokemon Go’ers seem to be running around the world, doing their best to ‘catch em all’, there is obviously some Pokemon that are a little more valuable to catch then others and we’ve got a list of our top 10!

What makes a Pokemon more valuable than the other?

While some may see the super-rare Pokemon as the most valuable, we love the Pokemon that are going to be the most effective in battle and will be the most likely to keep the gym.
10. Flareon: This Pokemon from the Eevee evolution is leaps and bounds ahead of the Jolteon, but doesn’t compare to the Vaporeon. He is a quick and agile as his brothers, has a Combat Power over 2600, and an attack stat with a 238 base. The Flareon is most effective against grass, ice, bug and steel Pokemon.three-pokemon

9. Venusaur: An evolution from one of the starter Pokemon, he is one of the characters that does a lot of evolving before he becomes a top-notch player. He is a flowering Pokemon and has a very high defense.
8. Blastoise: The Pokemon that once was cute and friendly looking is large and in charge. He is most effective against fire, ground and rock Pokemon.

7. Gyarados: Many question if saving up the 400 Magikarp candies are worth it, we say it is! The Gyarados has a maximum Combat Power at almost 2700 and all of its base stats sitting in the 190s.

6. Vaporeon: The Vaporen is most arguably the best Pokemon of the Eevee evolution. A maximum Combat Power of 2800, a base HP at 260 and base attack and defense sitting at 186 and 168 respectively. This quick little guy is a threat to all.

5. Exeggutor: No one loves to go up against the Vaporeon like the Exeggutor does. This big guy almost tops out at 3000 Max CP, has a base HP of 190, a base attack of 232 and a base defense of 164, the Exeggutor is one Pokemon that is difficult to defeat.snorlax-buy-pokemon

4. Arcanine: Almost as robust as the Dragonite and as strong in defences as the Snorlax, the Arcanine is one of tough guy

3. Lapras: Not quite at par with the Snorlax, the Lapras is still impressive and a Pokemon that is not to be messed with reaching an amazing CP level of 3000. The Lapras also is impressing with an HP stat of 260 and Attack and Defensive Stats at 190 each.

2. Snorlax: The Snorlax has an incredible HP Stat of 320, an above average Attack and Defense Statistics of 180 and is one of the most well-rounded Pokemon.

1. Dragonite: Reaching a maximum CP level of 3500, the Dragonite shows pure dominance in Pokemon Go. With a Base Attack Stat of 250 it is the strongest outside of the unreleased legends.

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