Goldah Review

Goldah DiscountGoldah is an online video game item and coin retailer that has been operating for 12 years now. They offer some fairly good deals and services, as well as well as superb support for each one of them. Goldah also provides its customers with a chance to pay using 100 different payment options with a guaranteed high level of security and a good refund policy. While the website is fairly old, they are slowly expanding and have even developed a mobile application that allows you to buy ingame items on the go, if that’s something you’ve always wanted. Take a look at our best Goldah coupon

Services Goldah

Goldah offers pretty much every service available on other websites of this nature. The ingame item purchase is straightforward and I must add that the list is pretty impressive. It contains hundreds of items for each category and you can easily purchase multiples of one item or more advanced versions of the same item (i.e. a higher level one). The gold purchase service is also pretty straightforward, but contains a neat little addition where you can add a custom amount of gold. This can also be taken to ridiculous levels since they have no restriction on the amount of coins you can order, so you are just one zero away from your order being priced in tens of thousands. As for the power leveling, it is honestly fairly good. They offer a lot of custom power leveling packs that will get your from a certain level to another predetermined one, but there is also a custom order option. Sadly this option is a bit stripped down since you can just state your current and desired level and nothing more. All in all the services are fairly good, but the developers of the website could have added much more with little work.

Newest GamesGoldah Pokemon go account

The video game list of this site pretty much covers everything that is still played, with some stragglers here and there. Each game has at least the gold purchase service, but some are a bit more fleshed out and it essentially gets more and more fleshed out the bigger the game is. The site contains the newest games like The Division and Pokemon Go but somehow misses Overwatch, which is kind of weird. What is also fairly interesting is that the website contains a large amount of sports games and their different versions with some dating back to 2014. All in all the site has a good amount of games covered and also has a nice little feature where they post news and tutorials about each game daily so that you can follow up on the goings on of a particular video game world.

Payment options

As for the payment options, the owners of Goldah are not joking around when they say that they provide over a hundred of them. All of the basic ones are included of course, PayPal and all, but there are so many options here that you might even say it’s unnecessary. The supported options include international and also local payment options like giropay or Nordea. In fact, the payment options do get somewhat absurd later down the list containing options I have never seen before like QIWI and Boleto. It is also worth mentioning that some of the options come with an added surcharge that gets up to 5%. If purchasing is not your plan though, you can also sell to Goldah. You can sell pretty much anything and in any amount to the website, but it is kind of a drag since they do not have specialized departments but rather one Skype user that you need to contact. All of the payments are monitored tightly and a support center is there to help you through any problem you may have. The site also has an impressive refund policy that will return 100% of your purchase if something happens which is out of anyone’s control .The website is fairly trusted when it comes to payment handling and we have tested it ourselves. We have conducted a number of purchases and have concluded that the website does deliver on their end of the bargain.

Discount coupon Goldah

The site offers coupons and discounts a plenty, but it is sometimes unclear as to where you can get these. The discount codes are fairly straightforwardiscount Goldahd since they will give you one if you follow them on social media websites. But other than that, the coupons are hard to find for this website. The site does not have any special daily offers or things of that matter which might put off some players, but it does shine with the sheer amount of content on the website. The site comes with an affiliate program like pretty much all of the rest, but with a nice little system. Essentially you get 10% commission for a minimum of $100 worth of items bought using your advertisement of the website.  In addition, if you do not want to get real money but rather ingame cash, you can set up a method where your earning is converted to cash in any game you chose taking into account its current price on the market.

Our opinion

Finally, in my honest opinion, this website is good but it has a lot of potential to blossom and I am not sure if it’s going to be used or not.  The style of the site is modern and all of the tabs containing the services are pretty straightforward and understandable. The prices are relatively cheap and there are items-a-plenty for you to purchase, but not all of them are superbly high level items. All in all, it is a good website for purchasing ingame stuff, but not the high level items. Essentially this is the place you should go to for just some small purchases when you are too lazy to do something, or for gold purchases since that system is fairly well done. A pretty good website when it comes to this market, just be sure you know what you are looking for.

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