Gnomes are a breed in RuneScape. Like the people, they have their own rich, food, questen, transport and mini games. Most gnomes are located in the kingdom of Kandarin. Gnomes look very similar to small people. They often wear green clothes and dots. Gnomes also have point ears.

Gnomes are much more intelligent than many other races in RuneScape. Gnomes love nature, make their homes in trees or underground and live in forests. Despite their peaceful lives, they also have a well-trained army that overwhelms many other armies. They often use Terrorbirds and Tortoises, in conjunction with arrows and arches or metal weapons. Buy RS gold or RS Gold 07 cheap!

Friendly race

Gnomes are very much based on peace and are a friend a lot of races. They love buying, music, nature, animals and inventing new things. The Gnomes are probably the breed that has developed the most in technology. Like the invention of the Gnome Gliders, parachutes, various military items such as the ballistic and known Gnome Cops in Lumbridge, which have been removed from the game after being misused in the form of glitches. Want to see more of that sweet dwarven gold? Check out Old school RS gold at 4rsgold!

Gnome religion

There is little known about the religion of the gnomes. Many believe that the gnomes follow the god of balance, Guthix. There are some evidence for this: The gnome Hazelmere is a gnome that has said he is loyal to Guthix. The spell “Claws of Guthix” can also be obtained from a gnome in the Mage Arena. The talk was that Guthix designed the Gnomes and the Dwarves first, but found them too small to survive in the wilderness. This talk was announced in the Meeting History Quest, that it was a fake chat because people came through the Portal of Life, in Gielinor.

Many gnomes are scattered throughout RuneScape. For example, they are found at the Gnome Gliders and many Farming barges. There are also many gnomes around, all over Gielinor.

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