pokemon-plusEarly in September, Pokémon Go stepped up their game, introducing a small new device that would allow users to play Pokémon Go while they are on the move and not walking around in the typical Pokémon Go stance – phone in upright position, at face-level and the periodical swipe of the index finger (it’s easy to spot someone playing the game!).

What is Pokémon Go Plus?

The Pokémon Go Plus is an add-on tool that resembles a PokeBall that you can clip to your jacket or wear as a bracelet. This device uses low-energy Bluetooth to connect to your smart phone and helps you keep up with the game as you go about your daily routine.

  • Alerts you when you are near a PokeStop – great for not missing opportunities to fill up on PokeBalls, potions and Pokémon eggs.
  • Alerts you when Pokémon are in your vicinity – you no longer need to worry about missing that rare Pokémon while you are out running errands or simply not paying attention to your smart phone.
  • Continues to record the kilometers that you are walking to help hatch those eggs and to help gain candy from you Pokémon Buddy.

How does it work?

The new Pokémon Go Plus device vibrates and has a blue led that will light up when you are at a PokeStop. Users are able to press the button on the device and a flash of colors will let you know that all of the goods at that location have been collected. If you are curious about what you have collected, you are able to open your trainer journal in the Pokémon Go app and the loot will be listed there.

If a Pokémon is nearby, you will also be able to catch the Pokémon with using just the device, but only if it is already in your Pokedex (a Pokémon that you already have found). If the Pokémon Go Plus lights up green, you are in the area of a Pokémon that you have already caught, so go ahead and press the button and let the device do the Poke Ball throwing for you. If the Pokémon Go Plus lights up yellow, you have found a new Pokémon – hurry up and open the app, you are going to have to catch this Pokémon the old-school way!

How do I know if I Caught the Pokémon?

pokemon-plus-designWhen the device lights up green and you press the button on the Pokémon Go Plus, you will be able to tell that your capture was complete as it will vibrate three times and light up in celebration. If the Plus vibrates and blinks red, your capture was not successful. Typically, this is a great time to open up the app as well and see what Pokémon you are trying to capture. The Plus device will only use your regular PokeBalls, and with stronger Pokémon the Great or Ultra Balls are sometimes needed.

Where do I get the Pokémon Go Plus?

The Pokémon Go Plus has been a hot ticket item so far this fall. The device went on sale September 16, and has been flying off of shelves. While stock is limited at retailers, GameStop and Amazon have had the devices available.

The cost for the Pokémon Go Plus is $34.99 USD.

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