FireFall : info & buying cheap credits

firefall-cheap-creditsFirefall is a sci-fi, free-to-play, open world, MMORPG shooter and it is the first game developed by Red 5 Studios. Combining elements of shooters with role playing games and being influenced by cult classic Tribes on which the lead designer previously worked on, it met with mixed reviews by critics claiming its quest design to be repetitive while praising its friendly player community and visually appealing scenarios inspired by Appleseed, Hayao Miyazaki and Street fighter

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FireFall : What and where to buy?

It still had 13,258 active players at its peak and to reach the top without getting shot at, the internet offers plenty of services to make your Firefall career easier.

IGXE offers power levelling packs and it seems to be the only one around to choose from. Three packages are available, a 12 hour pack, a 24 hour pack and a 48 hour pack, the levels are not specified so it is likely a random option.

In-game currency is easier to find online, IGXE credit offers range from 1000 to 20000. MMOOK has a bigger credit offer starting at 10k and peaking at 2000K while Goldah goes from 20K to 10000K.

Step by step guide how to buy FireFall gold!

  1. Go to IGXE (our favorite)
  2. Add amount of Gold to cart 
  3. Select Face to Face or Comfort Trade methods 
  4. Add coupon code: "VirtualGameCurrency" to your cart for a 8% discount
  5. Wait a few minutes
  6. Get your cheap FireFall gold
  7. Enjoy your wealth