Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV : info & buying gold cheap

final-fantasy-xiv-cheapFinal Fantasy XIV is the fourteenth instalment of the immensely popular Final Fantasy franchise and the second in the series to be an MMORPG. After poor critical reception upon release, the game was shut down and rebooted in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn which launched in 2013 to much more favourable and positive criticism.

Upon release in 2013, the game received overall praise by critics, ranking high on several game of the year lists and toping the one from Game Informer, ZAM, Joystiq’s Massively, RPGFan and the special award at the Playstation Awards as well as the Excellence award in the 2014 CESA’s Japan Game Awards.ffxiv

With a second place in Japan’s sale charts after one week of the PS3 release (184,000 copies), one and a half million subscribers two months after its release and 6 million cumulative players as of 2016, the game’s redefined developers did an amazing job at earning back player trust and in redeeming the Final Fantasy name.

Either if you are a long-time lover of Final Fantasy or a newcomer to the series, becoming the best is going to be hard work but doing it without a sweat is easy if you’re willing to pay for online services. Looking for cheap ffxiv gil?

Final Fantasy XIV : What and where to buy?

To buff your character to OP levels, power levelling services are at your disposal in MMOGA in the form of the usual pick a start and end level option, these are available for PS4/3 and PC although in separate. You can also get three different packs of Allagan Tomestones, Lore, Esoterics and Law, the latter in 2000 packs and the first in 450 packs.

IGXE has an immensely varied selection of power levelling. They have the regular category, Relic Weapon Power levelling, Bahamut Armor levelling, Darklight gears and Manufactural Prefessio Power Levelling, the offer is extremely abundant, with specific variations and distributed between these categories, just find the one that suits you better.

Goldah has eleven power levelling packages, some more complex than others. You have the ATMA weapon quest pack, a cheap 1-50 Power levelling pack, a 50-60 pack, then there are 1-20, 40, 60 packs, 20-30 and 30-40 packs, 24 hour packs and a super 1-50 power levelling option. The usual package that lets you pick the start and end level is also available here.

Step by step guide how to buy Final Fantasy XIV gold

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Cheap ESO Gold

If your in-game wallet is light, MMOGA has every server covered and Gil packs range from 3M and 500M in most US servers to 1M and 200M in Japanese servers while EU servers vary between these two as well. IGXE’S Gil packs go from 2000K to 100000K in most servers with some random variations.

Offers between 1000000 and 50000000 for NA servers are available on MMOGA while EU servers Gil packs start at 1000000 too and reach 200000000. Japanese server Gil begins at 400000 and peaks at 50000000 just like in the NA server.

Goldah has the same package across all servers, from 1000K Gil to 100000K and anything in-between, just pick your server and choose a pack.

If you want to skip the in-game transactions with npc’s and get the items straight from the web, IGXE is your only option from the sites mentioned above. They have a wide selection of crystals and armor available from Astral bracelets and chokers to Gryphonskin Moccasins and Tunics. Leather, silk, darksteel ingots and several crystals and shards of varying types are also at your disposal, the latter in packs of 1000 (apart from the wind shards which come in packs of 500) while the first 3 materials are sold one by one.

With the help from these locations on the Web, your Final Fantasy XIV experience will be much better than that of the first players to get their hands on the game back in 2010.

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