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PS4 Mule AccountWhat places offer free FIFA 20 Ultimate Team coins?

There are naturally the occasional giveaways from reputable websites that will give you a small amount of FUT 20 coins, but that’s pretty much on the legit side. Apart from that, you will find tons of surveys, generators and a manner of different methods with which people want to “give” you free FIFA 20 Ultimate Team coins. However, what they really want to give you is a big old virus on your computer that will most likely take your FIFA 20 account and everything else you have on it. You can easily detect these websites luckily, and you should always look for red flags like selective writing and tons of ads. Essentially, FUT 20 coins, or FIFA 20 points for that matter, can only be given away by reputable websites and no one else.

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Are free FIFA 20 coins legitimate?

There is only one rule on the internet you must know and that rule is, nothing is free. You will rarely ever find truly free FIFA 20 coins or points but what you will find is a bunch of Russian hackers planning to put you in a bot net in order to mine bitcoins for them. So in a sense, it is free coins for the hackers. You will, like I said, find legitimate giveaways from time to time, but you must be really careful because anyone can pose as an honest website. To sum up this segment, don’t get your hopes up for any sort of free currency, especially not FIFA 20 coins since that is a brand new game. Do not get baited.

What is the worst that can happen?

Better question is what can’t happen? The moment someone links you to a sketchy website get ready to quit out, and if the website contains a survey or automatic generator system…Run. New releases like this are the best opportunity for power hungry hackers to take over thousands accounts since people do go into desperation with ingame currencies. The least dangerous thing that can happen is your FIFA 20 account getting banned, but that could escalate to your credit card information being stolen or your computer being used for illegal activities which will get you in trouble. Just be careful around websites that offer anything free and you should be fin.


Like I said before, nothing is free on the internet and a large percentage of people are out to scam you since ingame currencies actually do count as real money. But we value our dear readers as much as the potato powered hackers of Russia love breaking into accounts, which is why we are giving away free FIFA 20 pints and FIFA 20 Ultimate Team coins. In order to get these, just visit our Facebook page and you will notice a giveaway and you just might be the lucky winner of FUT 20 coins or FIFA 20 points. Good luck!


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