PlayStation 4: Mule Account

PS4 Mule AccountWith a new console comes a new way of playing video games and, to some, a new way of life. The PlayStation 4 has not been out for so long, yet already currency markets are booming with requests for the ingame currency of PS4 games like FIFA 17, or FUT coins to be more specific. For transaction regarding the PS4, professionals like MMOGA and Goldah tend to use the Mule Account method in order to make a successful and secure transaction. The Mule Account method generally works the same on all platforms with only a few twists and turns when it comes to actually getting FUT coins or any other currency on your real account.

How to buy an PS4 Mule Account

As you all know, the method basically works by selling you an account that has the exact amount of coins on it. After you have received the account, your communication with the seller stops and you are in charge of the transaction process after this. This might put some people off, but it is in fact the best method when it comes to providing cheap FUT 17 coins since the method is the cheapest one. It achieves this by not having to use any employees time which means that the seller can focus on extra work and currency mining. In order to take over the transaction, simply log into the account using your PS4 and use one of the various methods for account to account transactions which you can find on either MMOGA and Goldah or our website. But if you are looking for truly cheap FIFA 17 Ultimate Team coins, or any other currency for that matter, the Mule Account method is by far one of the best you can get.

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