ronaldo-fifa-17A couple of things are extremely important in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team mode, not quitting and just shooting the ball. Do not ever quit the game. DNF (Did Not Finish) is a rating you get for quitting, lower for quitting, higher for staying the whole time. Quitting all the time will result in the funds you earn being hurt a lot. However, it’s very beneficial to have a high DNF rating (completing each game) as you earn a lot more money per game. If you are getting your butt kicked in game, stay and play! Learn something, improve! It’s one of the only ways to get better at the actual game aspects of FIFA 17. Don’t be a quitter!

Shooting, trading tips

Just shoot the ball, don’t wait for the perfect moments, let it rip! You just have to try whenever possible, it’s not as hard as it looks. Sure go for the perfect shots but take some that you aren’t sure about too, you will be pleasantly surprised

Chemistry is probably the most important meta to understand in Ultimate Team. This affects how much of a benefit your players get stat wise when they play together. Any chemistry below 7 will result in a penalty while anything above it is beneficial. If your opponent has better chemistry than your team, you’re going to have a bad time. Ideally the green links are the ones you want connecting all the player portraits in the team set ups, orange, yellow are okay, and red is bad. Also don’t forget about legends, they will mesh up with everyone perfectly by default. There are ways to circumvent some of the chemistry system, which I’ll explain later on.


Other tips

Play the computer in between games. You can field a weak team vs the computer and save money not having to buy fitness cards but still earn cash. Great for when you want to test something out or test a new team out.

You need to be playing with a tight formation. You will have a much easier time playing this game, as being able to make long passes is very risky in this game mode. Being closer together is going to make passes a lot easier.

Starting players on the bench is a dirty tactic and is hated by many in Ultimate Team mode, but it works. If you have a full team with a great chemistry but a player with low chemistrzlatan FIFA 17y start them on the bench and bring them later on, this will negate bringing down your team chemistry. Likewise, just get players with incredible passing skills. This is one of the most important things at this level of play so you may as well make sure you can get players with passing skills as high as possible.

You can fix the A.I. of some of the players by setting their instructions in different ways, just be aware that when you start changing formation it resets the instructions for the entire time back to the defaults for that particular set of instructions.

Be aware of the values of players. Sell high, buy low. Just like penny stocks, don’t buy a player for high and sell them at a loss, pretty basic.

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