FIFA 20 TOTY – Team Of The Year 2020

FIFA20 Team of The Year (TOTY), what is that?

Team of The Year or TOTY FIFA 20, as people tend to call it, is an annual release of player cards for FIFA games which include the real life performances of professional players. TOTY will be available for FIFA 20 as it was for all previous games ever since FIFA 12 was released. All of the player statistics are based on real life performance analyzed by the FIFA organization.

When can we expect Blue InForm (IF) cards?

TOTY FIFAThe Blue IF cards will be released sequentially as time goes by starting with the best goalkeepers of 2020 and the will start on 09/01 together with the defenders and end on 11/01. Next up are the midfielders which will be available on 11/01 till 13/01. The last batch of players will be the forwards and they will be available within gold packs on 13/01 up until 14/01. And finally, all of the players will be released at the same time during 14/01 till 16/01. Keep in mind that the blue in form cards will be available for TOTY FIFA 20 only during January of 2020. After this, the cards will not be available anymore and you will have to resort to various methods such as purchasing them online. It seems that they will stick to tradition and make the cards available for a limited time only, so get those gold decks ready.

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How will the FIFA 20 TOTY cards be released?

In keeping with the tradition of FIFA games, FIFA 20 Team of The Year will be released in sequential bursts of players in January 2020. The cards will be released in a progression which goes as follows:
Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Forwards and a burst with all of the players at the end. The packs will start to come out on the 9th of January and each pack will be available for 2 days before another one goes into circulation. At the end of the circulation period, there will be a final burst of blue in form cards that will contain all of the top players of FIFA 20 TOTY but that will be the end. Essentially, you will get once shot at this, and the cards pickups are not even guaranteed which means you will have to buy a bunch of them. But because blue in form cards for FIFA 20 TOTY are onetime offers only, the price for them after the initial release will sky rocket. This means that, if you happen to get one, you can hold on to it and possibly become a very rich man in the future.

Last year’s goalkeeper

toty-neuer-gkIn FIFA games, the TOTY usually contains only one goalkeeper and last year’s best goalkeeper was none other than Manuel Neuer. This card was actually so good that it has reached prices of nearly 1 million coins on the Play Station and 700,000 on the Xbox. Check out FIFA 20 TOTY goalkeeper (GK).

Last year’s defenders

Last year’s defenders were nothing short of amazing. First we have Marcelo playing for Real Madrid and costing you a hefty price of around 500,000 coins. Next we have Sergio Ramos, an ungodly powerful and expensive card that can cost you up to 1150,000 FIFA coins on PSN and around 690,000 on the Xbox. Next we have Thiago Silva, a player that was the key to PSG’s success in Europe back in 2016. Silva will cost you around 540,000 coins on both systems, which is not that horrible when looking at the other prices. Finally we have Dani Alves, one of the greatest attackers of all time, trending at a price between 620,000 and 700,000 coins on both systems. Check out FIFA 20 TOTY defenders.

Last year’s midfielders

The midfielders back in FIFA 16 TOTY were an excellent mix with a large set of skills and excellent stats. First off we have Iniesta with an overall stat score of 95 and coming in with a price ranging anywhere from 210,000 to a whopping 4 million. Next is the famous Luka Modric with a modest score of 93 but excellent skills nonetheless. Pogba has a price range from 315,000 to 4 million. Finally for the FIFA 16 TOTY roundup of midfielders we have Luka Modric coming in with a score of 93 and a price ranging anywhere from 210,000 to 4 million, exactly like Iniesta. Keep in mind that these players were really rare back in 2016, hence the price, and similar price ranges will come with the new FIFA 20 TOTY blue in form cards so be sure to grab as many as you can. Check out FIFA 20 TOTY midfielders.

Last year’s forwarders

toty-forwardsGenerally, the forwarders are the most players in soccer which is why they can come with insanely high prices once the blue in form cards are released. Back in FIFA 16, the forwarders were some of the highest skilled players with stats reaching up to 99 and they are as follows. First we have Neymar, playing for FC Barcelona, who has a whopping score of 97 but will also cost you anywhere from 420,000 to a whopping 8 million FIFA 16 coins. Next up we have one of the most players in general, Cristiano Ronaldo, playing for Real Madrid. Ronaldo has a score of 98 and booth due to his skills and his fame he can cost anywhere from 630,000 to 12 million FIFA 16 coins. And last but certainly not least we have Lionel Messi. One of the best players in FIFA history, Messi comes with a score of 99 which insures that with him you will never lose. An interesting thing is that Messi and Ronaldo come with the same price range for some reason. These are all of the blue in form cards for the FIFA 16 TOTY forwarders. Seeing the prices they reach and knowing that the coins can be sold for real money makes you want to go out and grab the new players as fast as possible, doesn’t it. Check out FIFA 20 TOTY forwards.

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