toty-neuer-gkEver since TOTY FIFA 12, the best players of each year have been released cards called blue in form cards. Each year, there is only one goalkeeper and, to attain this prestigious ranking, you will have to be one mean ball stopping machine. Manuel Neuer was the German brick wall presented back in FIFA 16 TOTY and he is said to be one of the best goalkeepers in the FIFA games in years. Naturally, FIFA 20 TOTY will have a different goalkeeper that might possibly be better than Neuer, who knows.

FIFA 20 Team of the Year (TOTY) Best defenders – previous version

Defenders are one of the most useful football players in one game. They are the the fine line between the goalkeeper and the goal in some of the most intense moments. Back in FIFA 16 the featured blue in form defenders, in no particular order, were: Marcelo (Real Madrid), Dani Alves (FC Barcelona), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Thiago Silva (PSG). These were deemed some of the finest defenders of 2015 and they were some of the most highly demanded cards in FIFA games. Naturally, FIFA 20 is bound to have different defenders but who knows, some of them might still be the best.

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How are FIFA 20 TOTY Goalkeepers and Defenders going to be selected?

Defenders and Goalkeepers for FIFA 20 Team of the Year will be selected based on a specific process of elimination employed by the real life FIFA (Football Association). This process is based on a real life analysis of some of the best football players out there. The data from this analysis will be released during the ending months of 2016 and the winners will be announced and awarded during a ceremony held by FIFA. Rating do vary from player to player and it is currently unknown as to who will be nominated for this year’s TOTY but whoever it is, they will be amazing.

When/What can you expect from the FIFA 20 TOTY Goalkeepers and Defenders?

Defenders and Goalkeepers are some of the most important players not just in FIFA 20 TOTY, but in football as a whole. The pack containing both the goalkeeper and the 4 defenders will be released at the beginning of January and you will have but a few days’ time to get your hands on these rare blue in form cards until they are gone and locked away for good. Keep in mind that no website truly knows which goalkeepers and defenders will be present in FIFA 20 Team of The Year, but be sure that whenever the official confirmation of the players comes out we will update the article and inform you accordingly.


GK: Neuer
Defenders: Ramos, Alves, Pique

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