toty-forwardsForwards are easily the most important part of a fully functional football team and without them the game is over. Forwards are used to charge the attack and get to the opponents goal and hopefully score. Last year’s FIFA 16 TOTY forwards were only the most famous football players around the world since everybody loves forwards in football. First off we have Neymar playing for FC Barcelona. Neymar comes with a whopping overall score of 97 and excellent stats across the board making him a very valuable player if you can get his blue in form card.

Ronaldo, Messi.. who else? FIFA 20 TOTY forwards!

Next we have none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, everybody’s football player who has an outstanding overall score of 98 and excellent stats for every position you place him in. And lastly we have the legend, Lionel Messi. Messi is a name that is known across the internet and football world alike for being one of the overall best players in history. Messi comes with a downright impossible score of 99 and is just an excellent player at anything he does. Let’s just hope that the roster of blue in form cards for FIFA 20 TOTY is as good as this one.

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How are FIFA 20 TOTY Forwards going to be selected?

As before and with all other games since FIFA 12 TOTY, FIFA 20 TOTY forwards will be selected based on analysis date collected during this year. The players will be analyzed by professional sport data analyzers as well as the Football Association community for that added fan dedication. Of course, we do not completely know everything about FIFAs selection process and all of the nominees are kept hidden as of writing this article but you can rest assured that the forwards for FIFA 20 TOTY will surely be worth the wait. We will keep the article updated as we get more information from EA and you will know everything you need about FIFA 20 TOTY in no time.

When/What can you expect from the FIFA 20 TOTY Forwards

TOTY FIFAWhilst the Football Association is keeping its nominees secret, we can rest assured that the forwards for FIFA 20 TOTY will be only the best players available and with the highest stats in the game. There is a chance that the selected players are the same as last years but that just comes as an assurance bonus since last year’s forwards were excellent and ungodly powerful. The selection process is still underway and a few candidates are probably already selected by the Football Association to be in FIFA 20 TOTY but we cannot say anything for certain as of now. But even though EA remains a hushed and secretive shadow corporation, we will keep this article updated with the latest news regarding FIFA 20 Team of the Year and you can stop by at any time to check up on the latest news about your favorite football game.


  • Suarez
  • Messi
  • Ronaldo

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