The activation process of Mule Account in PlayStation Network & Xbox for FIFA Ultimate Team will be discussed here. After you have bought a mule account, usually you will get additional information from your retailer about how to activate the account. However, if there is no detail provided by the seller, then you may like to try the processes below.

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Activation of FIFA 17 MULE ACCOUNT in PlayStation Network:

If you have an account that was made on a different device, for example another PS Vita system, you have to Log in to the Network of Sony Entertainment with the account. You may require internet connection during the process.

If you do not have an account then “Create an Account”

If you already have one then you can link it. If you want to connect your system to a PS3 system or your computer by “Linking account by a PS3″

  1. Choose [Settings], then [Start], then [PSNSM], then [Register].
  2. When you are logged in already, [Register] option is unavailable.
  3. Choose [Use an existing account]
  4. Insert the ID and then enter the password (it is the account made by you on some another device)
  5. Press [Next].

Now the system will store the ID, Password and the account is linked. It will keep you logged in automatically, unless you log out manually. When you are logged in you can quickly access and check online features.

Activation of FIFA 17 MULE ACCOUNT in Xbox Live:

  1. At first sign in to your account on your console
  2. Select [Settings] >> [Account].
  3. Move right and you’ll find [Your Information]
  4. Choose [Account Security].
  5. Choose [Change Microsoft Account] then [Yes].
  6. Insert your password for your Microsoft account associated currently.
  7. Choose [Sign in].

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