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Elder Scrolls Online : info & buying gold cheap

eso-gold-cheapThe Elder Scrolls Online is the sixth instalment in the Elder Scrolls series and the first to be an MMORPG since the other games in the series where completely devoid of online features and multiplayer.

In development for 7 years, counting with voice acting by John Cleese, Bill Nighy, Malcom MacDowell, Lynda Carter, Michael Gambon, Kate Beckinsale and others, it hit a few bumps on release due to several bugs and problems. As of today, ZeniMax has addressed and fixed these problems and withdrew the previous requirement for a monthly paid subscription to play the game. It still managed to be the top selling game in the UK on the week it was released and once again a year later when it came out on consoles. It also scored some not so impressive sales achievement in the US.

Needless to say, it is an Elder Scrolls game, the three previous instalments of the series all won game of the year from several different organizations, the series has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, it ranks number 20 on the top video game franchise list and best of the decade on Gamespot overcoming 64 other competitors, the last one being GTA (That’s right, they beat GTA, let that sink in).

So yes, The Elder Scrolls Online was a highly anticipated game from a highly beloved and downright good series. The competition is going to be fierce if you embark on this journey and if you want to get on top of the game with little damage to your pride as a gamer, the internet and its services are here for you.

Before you go on your online journey to spend money and get ahead, you must first pick your gamming system since players from XBOX and PS4 can only play with people on the same game system. Read on further if you want to know where to buy cheap ESO Gold.


Elder Scrolls Online : What and where to buy?

For power levelling purposes, at least on IGXE, this means you won’t get as much money in-game if you are playing from a console and skill levelling packages are not included either. You have the basic options of 1-50, 30-50, 20-50, 1-20, 1-30, 1-40 levelling packs if you are on console.

PC players have this plus a free amount of gold as well as craft skill packages, weapon skills and main story power levelling (in case you are interested in action and not fairy tales). You also have the option on IGXE to level your guild rank, packages for this are available from 1-2 to 9-10 for the Dark Brotherhood, Thievels Guild, Master Union and Warrior Union, you must be level 50 to purchase any of these packages. Skyshards are also available here if you are over level 50, these come in packs of 100.

MMOGA’s power levelling options are the same for pc and console, just in a different link. For both you have individual power levelling packs, weapon skill levelling packs from 1 to 50 and once again, 100 skyshard packs.

Step by step guide how to buy Elder Scrolls Online gold

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Cheap ESO Gold

Goldah has the usual pick a start and end level option, a 24 hour any level package, a fast CP300 package, four fast options, one is CP300, another is CP1-CP300 the difference being that the first levels up some of your skills including your main weapon skill, a level 1-50 option and a level 1-50 option with craft skill levelling although this one requires some actual in-game gold. They also offer a service in which they will go to a specific place, one to find Skyshards for you anywhere in the game, another that will level up any skill you wish and one that will farm materials.

If gold is what you need, there is plenty of it for sale as well. Goldah’s packs are the same for every system and server, 10K to 10000K gold. MMOGA’s gold packs are the same for every system but differ from US and EU servers. Players in North America can get between 20000 and 200000 gold while European players have a wider choice starting at 20000 as well and peaking at 9000000.

IGXE does this in reverse, PC gold offers are the same in US and EU from 50K to 3000K gold while PS4 and XBOX packs start at 100K instead and peak at 3000K as well.

MMOOK’s gold packs are a little random with European console servers starting at 150K and going to 20000K, the same is true for American PS4 servers while the XBOX One server for the same region has gold packs between 300K and 50000K. PC servers range from 200K and 40000K in Europe while US servers go from 150K to 15000K.

If you have money and power (level wise of course) and you need more stuff but don’t have the will to go out exploring and get it yourself, a wide variety of items are at your disposal online.

IGXE has materials of all kinds for sale, regular or raw, they have racial motifs, soul and armor or weapon trait gems, alchemist solvents and reagents, essence and potency runestones, provisioning recipes and ingredients as well as various armor sets you can pick from.

Goldah’s item market is not categorized but if you look closely you will find much of the same thing you would on IGXE while MMOGA has a much better categorized menu of items. These are Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Clothing, Gear Sets, Glyphs, Jewelry, Trait Gems and Woodworking.

Follow this information and you will rule over online Tamriel supreme for many ages to come.

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