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Eden Eternal : info & buying gold cheap

eden-eternal-cheap-goldEden Eternal (AKA Finding Neverland Online or FNO, AKA Eternal Atlas, AKA The Refined FNO) is an anime themed MMORPG developed by Chinese company X-Legend and published worldwide by German based Aeria Games. It is also one of the few available MMO’s with children as playable characters which critics seem to agree is something very important.

Praised by its gameplay, visuals, unique and interesting classes and innovative guild system, it has earned its rank as a solid MMO.

If you are looking to master such a solid title swiftly, these websites offer the help and services you will need to really get to the top. To get your character to the top quickly and still manage to do other things while this happens, you have power levelling options in both Goldah and IGXE.

But there is a twist, in Eden Eternal, you character levels up separately from your current class (which you can change during the game although each class level can’t be higher than your current character level) so your power levelling choices must have this in consideration.

Eden Eternal : What and where to buy?

For regular character Power Levelling, IGXE offers two main packs although they are a little confusing, one is 65-70 while the other is 60-65, however, both say bellow 1-65 so I’m not entirely sure what you get from this package. I am sure you will get to keep all rare and valuable drops and 1200 gold for the first option as well as 300 for the latter.

If the confusion is just too much for you, they have 1-30, 40, 50 packs, 30-50, 40-50, 50-55 and the classic pick a start and end level option. You can also find this latter one on Goldah as well as various other packs.

Your character is already at level 50 or so and you have no need to level it up but those other classes you want to try out are far too weak? Fear not because the internet’s got your back my friends.  Goldah has class power levelling packs from 1-50, 55, 30-50, 40-50 and 40-55 although, to pick any of these options your character needs to be level 50. Fortunately for you, they offer three distinct class and character power levelling packs.

You have the character level and class level package 1-55, however it says that your character needs to be level 55, your guess is as good as mine. There is the 50-55 character and class level package which demands your character to be level 50 and you have the best choice which is the character level and class 1-50 which will actually level both at the same time to 50.

IGXE has a more specific but less varied offer of class power levelling, from the 15 available classes, only 6 are available on IGXE and each of the packages requires you to have another class at a specific level so class power levelling at IGXE is not the best option.

If levelling yourself makes you happy but farming gold makes you sick to your very core, then rejoice because the offer of gold online is extremely abundant. OgPal has gold packs ranging from 1000 to 20000 but these are only available in French servers, they also have 10K diamond gold packs through 50K for everyone else.

MMOOK has different gold packs in different servers. If you live in Brazil or Timor Leste, gold packs between 2K gold and 200K are available. Thai server packs star at 300 and go as far as 30000 while offers to the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) are between 1K and 100K. German servers go from 10K to 1500K.

You’re a winner if you are French and even more if you are from the US as both servers come included with a free bonus on each gold package. Players from France can purchase 20K packs  and anything between that and 4000k with a 5% extra bonus while US servers start at 300K and peak at 50000K with a 10% free bonus attached to each individual pack.

IGXE gold packs are the same in every server starting at 10000 and reaching 300000, the same goes for Goldah with the same amount for both available servers, you can buy packs from 1000 to 50000.

If your wallet allows it, you will reign supreme in Eden Eternal if you follow these tips.

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