Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul : info & buying gold cheap

echo-of-soul-gold-cheapEcho of Soul (AKA EOS) is a Korean MMORPG developed by Nvius in 2013. In this epic you are an adventurer called soul keeper tasked by the gods of the world to fight evil and you collect the souls of your enemies to advance your character. It has a wide variety of both PvP and PvE combat, PvP is available at level 10 which means you can take advantage of this option early on.

EOS was awarded the Best MMORPG of 2014 by the Thailand Gameshow Festival and although it was shut down in South Korea late in 2015, the game publisher Kakao Games announced a relaunch. It is still available in the EU and US and hasn’t stopped since launch.

To reach the top of EOS, options are available online to make the experience more fluid and simple.

Echo of Soul : What and where to buy?

MMOGA has gold packs starting at 30 and reaching 100000 while Goldah’s packs range from 300 to 20000. MMOOK has different offers for US and EU servers, the latter goes from 2000 to 300000 while users from the US can purchase packs of 20K gold all the way to 2000K, every US gold pack comes included with a 10% extra bonus.

Items for EOS are only available on Goldah, power levelling and accounts are unavailable in all other websites so if you are looking for an edge, these are your two options.

Advanced appraiser’s ink, Blessings of Njord, Dungeon Ticket Founder’s Pack, Iron Skin Tyrannus and plenty of other different miscellanea, just pick your desired item and get playing.

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