Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online : info & buying gold cheap

dungeon-fighter-online-gold-cheapDungeon Fighter Online is a Korean action beat ‘em up MMORPG published first by Hangame, then Nexon and presently by its original developer Neople. Once known as Dungeon & Fighter, It gained its current name when the game was brought to the western market.

In 2011 they celebrated 300 million users, as of 2012, China alone hosts 3 million current users and the game had by then grossed over 2 million dollars in revenue. Sporting its very own anime show and manga series. Most definitely a game that left a mark and that keeps getting new players hooked on steam.

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Dungeon Fighter Online : What and where to buy?

In-game money is purchasable anywhere but only if you are from the US apparently, Goldah has packs from 30M to 5000M gold, MMOOK goes from 10M to 2000M and IGXE offers range from 10M to 1000M so just pick your preferred option.

Power levelling options are only available on IGXE. Packages of 1-20 to 1-70 are available with several variations in between, all included with a guarantee that all drops will remain on your character including one or two epic items while the 1-70 package throws in an extra free 20M gold. There is always the pick a level option where you choose the start and end level you wish your character to reach without dictating which level you should be at when you start.

IGXE also offers some materials to ease your journey in case you’re looking for something simpler and specific. Bundles of 500 heavens medals are available as well as packs of 10000 cube fragments in all colors.

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