Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest : info & buying cheap gold

dragon-nestDragon Nest is a Korean MMORPG from 2010 developed by Eyedentity which uses a non-targeting combat system that ensures players are able to completely control their characters movements and requires them to team up with other users to advance them through instances.

It has its own manga series, action figures and a movie from 2014 called Warrior’s Dawn with a sequel expected for this year. I has become quite popular since its release so naturally, online services popped up to make the experience faster and easier.

As usual, gold is widely available in all websites and servers. Goldah only has gold available for Dragon Quest in packs of 1000 and 500000 gold. Other websites have more to offer but the gold packs are there as well.

Dragon Nest : What and where to buy?

IGXE has different gold offers in certain servers, Kalahan Gold packs go from 2000 to 50000 while Holywood server packs start at 10000 and goes to 300000 and Desmodeus packs are available between 1000 and 50000. OgPal also shares this varying offers of gold between servers with Kalahan going from 2000 to 100000 and Leviatha starting at 1000 and ending at the same amount.

The tendency continues in MMOOK with gold offers differing from server to server. Kalahan here starts at 2K gold and goes to 300k with 10% extra bonuses available from 10K up. Desmodeus packs are available from 200K TO 30000K with no bonus available while the rest of the servers start at 15K and peak at 3000K gold with no bonus either. Just like Goldah, MMOOK has no offers to this game besides gold packs while OgPal has only gold packs available for non-Asian servers, so if you’re looking for Power levelling from Europe or the US they have nothing else.

For Power levelling services, both IGXE and OgPal offer the classic pick a start and end level option as well as other packs such as OgPal’s 12 hour or 24 hour levelling packs with no defined level presented. They have more specific packs of 20-24 in 2 days, 1-20 in 2 days, 10-24 in 3 days twelve hours and 1-24 in 4 days.

IGXE has similar offers but with a shorter deadline and they have a few packs available that go to level 30 and above unlike OgPal. IGXE also has item power levelling options if you want your gear to be on the same page as your character. For this you have two packages, a 24 level +8 armor and weapon set of 7 pieces and an identical one with level 32.

If you’re looking to purchase a Dragon Quest Account, OgPal has a few offers if you are playing from Asian Servers. Every class is available, there are some packages which come with two classes as well. These accounts however, are not old players selling their characters, you have to create the account, supply it to them and they will give it back in a few hours with level 24 (around 48, 60 or more hours) so it seems more like a long complicated way to say power levelling to 24.

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