DOFUS : info & buying Kama's cheap

dofus-cheap-goldDofus is a fantasy themed, Flash, tactical turn-based MMORPG developed and released by French manufacturer Ankama Games in 2004 in French territory and worldwide in 2005. It used to be available only in French but has since been translated into several languages. Although the game offers some free to play content, this content is limited and the game is generally considered to be a Pay to Play game.

Spawning spin-off miscellanea such as books, art, comics, two sequels (Arena and Wakfu) an animated series and even a movie in 2016, it has become an immensely popular game counting with 25 million players worldwide, 1.5 million subscribers every single month, international gaming awards including the Bytten Ernie Award for Best Graphics and concept Art in 2007, the Audience Award at the Independent Game Festival in 2006, Best Game and Public Choice at the Flash Festival in 2004, Game of the Month by Edge magazine in 2005, Best Game at Flashfoward Film Festival in 2006 as well as the Public choice award at that same festival and the Independent Games Festival of San Jose in 2006.

So yes, Dofus is a big deal when it comes to MMO’s and if you are looking to master this notorious gem of the genre as fast as possible, the internet has these offers to make it easier for anyone

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DOFUS : What and where to buy?

Cash offers are widespread, from MMOGA’s packages of 200,000 Kamas (the in-game currency) all the way up to 100000000000 Kamas to Goldah’s options of 1M Kamas to 500M Kamas for all servers. There are also Kamas packs between 6 million and 500 million on OgPal which is the website with the most varied services online for Dofus.

Besides Kamas, OgPal offers power levelling packs from the versatile pick a start and end level option as well as several different packs from 1-40 to 150-160 and everything in between.

OgPal also has at your disposal packages of Ogrines, a sort of in-game currency that is untradeable within the game, these allow you to change the character’s name, change sex or color, change servers and even sign a monthly subscription. These packs come in bundles of 700 and 47000.

If you are looking for scrolls you can find them here, small scrolls of vitality, powerfull scrolls and all in between are available for purchase in bundles of ten each.

Pets are also available, Earth Bwaks, Wabbits, Pekis, Atooins, Bworkys, Meows and more of all kinds are purchasable. Be advised that pets can only be used in PvP, F2P players can own them but not use them.

Currently there are two Dofus accounts for sale on OgPal, one is level 182 and the other 183, in case you don’t want to bother with creating your own.

Step by step guide how to buy DOFUS kama's

  1. Go to (our favorite)
  2. Add amount of Kama's to cart (example: 100.000.000 DOFUS Kamas. Server: Aermyne)
  3. Select Face to Face or Comfort Trade methods "As soon as we have received your payment, our chosen suppliers will whisper to you ingame. They will ask you to meet with them immediately, so that they can hand over the DOFUS Kamas to you. Official meeting point for the delivery of DOFUS Kamas: Astrub Bank"
  4. Go to cart
  5. Add coupon code: "VirtualGameCurrency" to your cart for a 3% discount
  6. Wait a few minutes
  7. Get your cheap DOFUS Kama's
  8. Enjoy your wealth