Devellian : info & buying Gold, Gems and Crafting itemns

devilian-online-cheap-itemsDevilian is a fantasy themed MMORPG similar to Diablo 3 and Path of Exile that came out late in 2015 on Steam and which features a unique mechanic where your character has two distinct versions of itself, a regular form and a devil form, both level up separately and each class has its own distinct devil form.

Although only 9,357 players peaked the game’s numbers and with 144 average players every day, Devilian is a game with a curious concept that should be experienced and that can be easily advanced through online services.

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Devellian : What and where to buy?

If you are looking for online facilitations, there are two options for Devilian, gold and Items.

Gold packs are widely available, Goldah has 50 to 10000 gold packs for purchase in all servers while MMOGA goes from 40 to 100000. Packages between 2000 and 300000 are also available on MMOOK with IGXE offering gold packages as well from 500 to 40000.

IGXE is the most versatile option since it’s the only website that has more to offer than gold. Devilian Gems and crating items can be purchased although these aren’t available in every server. G1 and G3 gems of every variant are on sale here as well as potions, life fruits, chaos fruits and Wild Azaelas. This is all the help you are going to get at the moment for Devilian, but many are saying the game is not that hard.

Step by step guide how to buy Devellian stuff

  1. Go to Goldah (our favorite)
  2. Select your server
  3. Select Items or Gold Packs
  4. Add desired item or levels to cart 
  5. Select preferred method
  6. Go to cart
  7. Add coupon code: "VGC" to your cart for a massive discount
  8. Wait a few minutes
  9. Get your cheap Devellian Gold packs or items
  10. Enjoy your wealth