fifa-17-coinsFIFA 17 changes

Every new release of FIFA promises a wide range of additions to bolster hype for the game. All one needs to do is compare today’s FIFA from 10 years ago to FIFA 17 to see how much how really changed. FIFA 17 champions a copious list of game changing additions, fixes and enhancements. Everything about FIFA 17 is different; from the game engine, to the way it looks, and the places accessible to the player. Anyone who has held off on picking up a new FIFA title for a few years will be pleasantly surprised once they start up the game. The two most noticeable changes are moving FIFA to the Frostbite Engine and the addition of the new quasi-career mode which is called The Journey. Some of the smaller changes include; Corners, Free Kicks, Penalty kicks being adjusted, A.I being improved drastically and the mini games being improved. It’s a good time to be a FIFA fan!

The new frostbite engine

Moving FIFA to the Frostbite engine is a huge move for the franchise. This more or less results in improvements to every area of the game; the physics, gameplay and the graphics. This was a challenging endeavor to take on as well, the game had to be completely redesigned in a new engine. Frostbite is commonly used by EA for its FPS franchises, so the team had their work cut out for them while developing FIFA 17. A labor of love, as it turns out FIFA is breathtakingly beautiful, players should take a moment to look around the stadiums. This change also brings a lot of new areas the player can experience in FIFA. You will be able to see locker rooms, clubhouses, the tunnels to the stadium and much more. This is one of the most exciting changes to FIFA in many years.


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fifa17-1471533029918_1280wFIFA 17: The Journey

As many may know a sports legend mode of sorts is being added to the game known as “The Journey. However, anyone out of the loop turning on FIFA 17 for the first time will be surprised to see “The Journey” mode, which is the new game mode being introduced into the game. In the journey the player will take control of a singular character in the FIFA universe. In this unique story mode, the player will guide the character Alex Jones through many arduous decisions akin to the dialogue options found in a game like Mass Effect. You must choose which teams to join and other important career decisions for Alex in addition to controlling him on the pitch.

FIFA also makes some changes fans have been clamoring to have added for ages. The A.I. has been drastically improved, which will result in less “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” moments and boneheaded decisions on the part of the computer controlled football players. Corner, Penalty and Free Kicks will now use a different system with a control reticule which will help with guiding shots to where you want them to go, but not compromise the skill needed to pull off such moves. Also the mini-games have been changed so that in multiplayer matches both players can take part, finally!

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