Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul: info & buying gold

blade-and-soul-cheapBlade and Soul is a Korean fantasy themed, martial arts MMORPG that was released back in 2012 in China and Korea, developed by NCSOFT. With its own anime TV series in Japan only two years since its release, a record of 150000 players on the first open beta test and sporting more than 1 million players only a few days after its launch in the western region on January 19 of 2016, Blade and Soul is a game with a more than established fan base.

Having a reputation for awesome aesthetics and character design, great combat with possible combo creations, a cash shop that doesn’t break the game, fun PVP and described as a mature and balanced MMO, it is definitely a notorious game, so naturally, the internet has banded together to offer the lazy, the unskilled or the ones with little time, all kinds of services to facilitate the experience. Cheap blade and soul goldSearch no more!

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Blade And Sould: What and where to buy?

If you’ve been levelling up characters all your life and are just downright tired of doing it, U7buy, Goldah, MMOGA and IGXE all offer a very versatile power levelling system in which you can pick a starting and end level to which you want your character to attain. Alternatively there are power levelling packages which you can purchase, all of which include rare drops and gold acquired during the process. MMOGA does not feature these packs, only the pick a level option.

In-game currency is also available for real currency in all three websites. Goldah has packs of 10 to 5000 gold while IGXE goes from 100 to 5000, in both sites you can pick your server before purchase. In MMOGA you have available gold packs from 1 gold to 900.

No items seem to be available anywhere for purchase so these are your only options to get ahead in Blade and Soul, money or power.

Step by step guide how to buy Blade And Soul Gold

  1. Go to (our favorite)
  2. Select your server
  3. Add number of Gold to cart (example: 500 Blade And Soul Gold – Angler’s Watch)
  4. Select Auction House method
    The delivery will be made through the auction house.
    Your cooperation is required.
    The gold seller will buy your auction from the auction house and so the gold will be handed over to you.
  5. Go to cart
  6. Add coupon code: “VirtualGameCurrency” to your cart for a massive 3% discount
  7. Wait a few minutes
  8. Get your cheap B&S Gold
  9. Enjoy your wealth

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