AvatarBank Review

avatarbank reviewAvatarBank was established a while back by a group of dedicated gamers that clearly understand the need for gold and items and also the hatred of grinding. The website has good reviews and trust scores across the board and also offers players a lot to choose from for each game. The website has a dedicated help center and is usually quick to both deliver a purchased product and also solve any issues that might arise during the process. No matter what kind of game you are, AvatarBank is an excellent place to buy from.Take a look at our best Avatarbank coupon


AvatarBank hosts a neat selection of different services which include some special ones that are unique to the website. The gold purchase section is pretty nice and straightforward, but sadly it does not allow you to enter a specific amount of gold and prefers you select a predetermined amount from a drop down menu. While this may be a bit of a turn off for some people, the prices are pretty good as far as standards go. The power leveling service is pretty basic and is just your run of the mil power leveling. The item purchase service on the other hand is pretty nicely done and offers customers a large selection of different and useful items at a reasonable price.  This service also contains “packages” which are essentially item and level bundles that will offer you the chance to get a head start in the game without purchasing multiple items or paying for other accounts. It is also important for me to mention that this website mostly deals in gold, and the item and power leveling services are few and far between which means that if you are looking for an all-inclusive marketplace for this stuff; you have to look somewhere else. This can clearly be seen when comparing AAA games on the website. You will notice that the majority of games will lack almost all of the services with the exclusion of the gold purchase service. A little bit disappointing to be honest, but for what the website offers, it does it well.

avatarbank legitAvatarBank Games

AvatarBank offers an impressively large array of different video games and its services work for all of the available servers for each game. The in Games section you will find AAA games like World of Warcraft or Star Wars the Old Republic, but you might also find some lesser known titles scattered about. Each game has a gold selling service strapped to it, or its gold equivalent, but only a handful have power leveling and item purchasing services, which will probably disappoint some people. The websites database is somewhat interesting since it does contain some really old games yet misses out on the newer ones like Overwatch and The Division, which are in somewhat of a high demand these days. All in all, you can find most of the games you want here, but you might not get the services you want for them sadly.

Payment Methods

AvatarBank is a bit underwhelming when it comes to payment methods, just like with its number of services. First off, Skrill is not accepted for some reason and it is an online money service that takes up a large percentage of the market. Second, whilst PayPal is accepted, the other options are essentially all catered to the United States users with options like American Express and DISCOVER. Luckily, even though there is a small number of payment methods available, the payment is guaranteed to be secure and to come through in the end. We have concluded this by testing the website for ourselves and from those tests we have seen that the delivery times are as stated and that the website is genuine and trustworthy. Aside from payment, you can also make a living using this website by selling your hard earned goods to them for a modest amount of money. The sell option lets you contact the assigned department and sell your items and gold for a profit based on the current price on the market, and I assume this is the way the site gets most of its merchandise.

AvatarBank Coupon and Discounts

An interesting thing about AvatarBank is that they do not have any coupons or discounts, as far as I have seen on the website. From what I have gathered, special discounts are sent to the websites customers during special events either in the gaming world or on the website itself. Sadly, the lack of daily deals and special prices might put some people off, but the base prices are not all that much and from what I have gathered they are very cheap compared to some other websites. Another really weird thing that might even be good in the eyes of some is that AvatarBank does not have any sort of affiliate program where you can send referral links to others. Whilst this is a strange move in this online market, it simply leads me to conclude that the website has a descent marketing campaign by itself.


Now for a tough one, here is my honest opinion on AvatarBank. The website clearly lacks a lot of components that its competitors pride themselves in having, and this is a big strike against AvatarBank. They are mainly a gold selling marketplace and they do that perfectly, but, in an ever-changing market a website that does not adapt to the needs of its users will not survive for long. The sites design does look pretty modern and it is really responsive for what it is. The site also has a pretty decent support section on it and also boasts a neat little live chat function that allows you to talk with support staff. In fact during this review I have talked to one of them to get some information and they were extremely pleasant and helpful. All in all, the website is great, if you are not looking for every possible item and combination of perk and reputation leveling for games. For what it is, it is good, but it can always do better.

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