avatarbank reviewAvatarBank provides a steady stream of discount but sadly does not give its customers the ability to use coupons unlike most sites. The discounts come in varying forms, but they are mostly represented by the fluctuations on the ingame currency market and, depending on the sites supplier, the prices can be dirt cheap, or sky rocket. An interesting aspect of AvatarBank is their store credit which you can purchase or receive from the website as a refund for a previously bought product. The store crdit only applies to the website itself and you cannot use that money anywhere else, but it is somewhat useful if you are in dire need of ingame items or currency.

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Apart from this, the website does not offer much in the way of coupons or discount vouchers, which is somewhat of a disappointment. The prices are fairly cheap on the site though, possibly because of their luck with finding suppliers in video games, so you will not be in the need for large discounts when browsing this website. We always offer our readers discount codes for various websites since we value their time, but since AvatarBank does not support this, we have found and alternative way to reward you for giving us your time and being loyal to our website.

The code “VGC” can be used on websites such as MMOGA, which is one of the best ingame currency and item markets on the internet, to give you a large discount on your next purchase. So enjoy your free coupon code for these websites our faithful readers and have fun with your new, high quality ingame items.

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