ArcheAge : info & buying Gold, Keys and Powerlevels

archeage-gold-cheapArcheAge is a Korean free-to-play MMORPG described by its creators as a “sandpark” rpg (a mix between sandbox and a themepark experience) launched in 2013. It was awarded the game of the month award on MPOGD in October 2014 and holds a critical acclaim of 80% in general.

Being from the same developers as Lineage, this game was bound to get some well-deserved attention, even if its fan base is dim and fading, you can get to the top of the competition easily if you use these services.

To conquer the sandbox world of ArcheAge, several things are at your disposal, boosts, all kinds of equipment, mounts, the Patron pack ( which upgrades your account to a premium version) and a lot more. Acquiring the top items available costs credits. If you don’t want to buy the credit packs in-game, they are available on MMOGA in three different packs of 750, 3250 and 8500.

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ArcheAge : What and where to buy?

For a more common currency, gold packs are available from 10 to 20000 on MMOGA to 100000 on Goldah and 200000 on IGXE. If instead you want to skip the transactions and get to the items themselves, a wide variety is available on Goldah, from mounts to materials and other miscellanea. Surprisingly, no weapons or gear are available for purchase on these websites, only materials and mounts can be purchased.

If you find character creation and levelling a chore, IGXE seems, so far, to be the only website offering power levelling services and account trade. Several negotiable options for power levelling are available anywhere from level 1 to 55 and between.

Buying an account is currently the most widely available option, several accounts with different stats, items and variables are presently on sale at MMOGA, just investigate the details, pick the one that suits you best and get started.

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Step by step guide how to buy ArcheAge stuff

  1. Go to (our favorite)
  2. Select GoldKeys (credit packs) or Powerlevel
  3. Add desired item or levels to cart (example: ArcheAge 8500 credit pack) (You will receive the key for the game by TRION WORLDS via eMail within the delivery time stated above.ArcheAge Credits may be used to purchase boosts, equipment, mounts, and tons of other items from the ingame ArcheAge Store.Activate the key on the official website of the manufacturer and download the game.)
  4. Go to cart
  5. Add coupon code: “VirtualGameCurrency” to your cart for a massive 3% discount
  6. Wait a few minutes
  7. Get your cheap  items or levels
  8. Enjoy your wealth

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