Runes of Magic Gold

What is Runes of Magic Gold and where is it from?

runes-of-magic-goldRunes of Magic, or RoM, is a popular MMORPG released back in 2009. The game hosts a plethora of features and is now into its 5th chapter which is impressive for any free to play game. The game also has a built in economy system that is powered by gold which you have to grind in order to get to

Buying methods

Sellers tend to employ the good old ingame mail method when it comes to this game because of its simplicity. The method revolves around the customer receiving an ingame mail with the specified amount of gold attached and accessible with one touch of a button. This method is extremely easy and has, thus far, never proven to be hassle to use.

What can you do with Runes of Magic Gold?

Pretty much anything you can buy in your classical MMORPG’s, you can buy here. Runes of Magic has an insane amount of items and customization sets with weapons and armor. All of these can be purchased with gold, but also through the developer’s website which is the main monitization of the game. But if you do not want to throw ridiculous amount of money at the developers for a simple item, consider going to a trusted ingame currency mediator and purchasing heaps of Runes of Magic gold for a cheap price.

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