Everquest Platinum

What is Everquest Platinum and where is it from?

everquest-cheap-platiumCarrying the title of being one of the oldest MMORPG’s around, Everquest does not strive from the regular formula of having an ingame currency, and this time it’s platinum.  Essentially, like all other ingame currencies, platinum can be obtained during gameplay by performing regular boring activities that are largely time consuming. But of course, you can always go the easy route and get it for cheap thanks to trusted online currency sellers.

Buying methods

Everquest platinum is sold using the age old face to face method and also a unique one called Bazaar Trader Mode. Essentially, the Bazaar Trader Mode trading method is safer and it is done by the customer placing a few items in the trade bag which will later be accessed by the seller and the items bought for the specified amount of gold. An interesting and safe method, since the developers frown upon currency selling.

What can you do with Everquest Platinum?

With a special inventory system that takes in account almost every part of the body and a very well done weapons system, there are a lot of things you can waste platinum on. Basically, everything you will need when it comes to fighting creatures or players and completing quests is acquired with platinum. And if you want to avoid an hour long grind for one helmet, I suggest you consider online currency sellers. With cheap prices and large quantities of platinum, there is literally no downside.

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