Dragon Nest Gold

What is Dragon Nest Gold and where is it from?

dragon-nest-cheap-goldBeing a free to play game, Dragon Nest naturally has a built in currency system and as always, it’s gold. Gold is essentially used to power everything within the world of Dragon Nest and without it, you will be stuck in a dead end loop of continuous farming for gold by killing endless waves of monsters over and over again.

Buying methods

Since Dragon Nest gold can be obtained for a fairly cheap price, a lot of sellers don’t really prioritize any one method of sale, but face to face is generally used for this. In essence, the seller or his representative will meet you within the game world where the gold can be exchanged with low risk and away from the eye of the public. The method is not the safest, but gold is gold.

What can you do with Dragon Nest Gold?

Essentially, everything you need is bought using gold. Armor, weapons, potions, items and everything else you need is purchased using gold. Whilst this is a bit tedious and the prices of items and gear can go to ludicrous amounts on certain items, gold can be obtained for a really cheap price from online sellers. Essentially, if you actually want to enjoy your game rather than spending hours within the same zone killing the same monsters over and over again, consider purchasing gold from trusted online sellers and relaxing for a change.

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