Dofus Touch Kamas

What are Dofus Touch Kamas and where is it from?

dofus-touch-cheap-kamaEssentially a watered down version of the original game Dofus, Dofus Touch is the same game with added touch control. But naturally just like its predecessor, Dofus Touch has an inbuilt currency system called Kamas which sadly cannot be transferred from the PC version the the mobile version, which is why a lot of people tend to buy it from online currency mediators.

Buying methods

Sellers usually employ a face to face method when selling their customers Kamas and, since this version is not as monitored as the PC version, there is virtually no chance of your account getting banned. The method is fairly straightforward and it involves a face to face meeting between your character and the seller within the game where the Kamas will be transferred.

What can you do with Dofus Touch Kamas?

Just like its predecessor, Dofus Touch uses Kamas as the main currency for purchasing literally everything within its world. But as previously stated, since you cannot transfer anything from the PC version the the mobile version, you will have to either farm for gold to buy items or you will have to get them from somewhere outside the gamy. And you will need every last bit of Kamas in order to make it through the world of Dofus. But luck is on your hands since there are a lot of sellers which offer Kamas for an excellent price. So do not hesitate and get to the store and get some cheap Kamas.

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