DAoC Platinum

What is DAoC Platinum and where is it from?

daoc-cheap-gold-and-itemsDark Age of Camelot, or DAoC is an MMO game whose economy system has an add-on called platinum. Essentially, it is a form currency that players can buy in order to improve their skills within the game and get the best equipment possible without too big of a hassle. A system that has been seen before in many games.

Buying methods

The delivery system differs from seller to seller, but the one that is used the most is the face to face meeting system. Essentially, the platinum will be delivered to you within the game, or on rare occasions, will be placed into a sort of dead drop that you must pick up in order to get your purchase, though the meeting option is always preferred over this one.

What can you do with DAoC Platinum?

Anything and everything within the world of DAoC is bought using platinum, if you are willing to dish out the money for it that is. While it can be achieved through playing the game, it is much easier and less time consuming if you simply go to an online retailer and purchase the platinum from them without too much of a hassle. In the end, if you really want to have the best equipment in the game, the best course of action is to go to a trusted online seller and get it from them.

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