4Story Gold

What is and where is it from?

In 4Story, like in many MMORPG’s, you have and ingame currency that essentially runs throughout the entire world. 4Story is more on the generic side since that currency is just gold that is later broken down into smaller units such as silver just like in many games of this nature.

Buying methods

Essentially, due to the nature of 4Story, the most effective delivery method, and the one that is mainly used, is an ingame mail delivery system. This system is dirt cheap to use and requires no real effort which is why some of the top sellers on the internet use it for their sales. The customer simply gives the seller their email address and character name, and then just waits for the gold to be sent over.

What can you do with ?

Being such a basic, yet effective currency, 4Story Gold is used for almost all of the transactions that take place within the game. Item sets, armor and weapons can all be purchased with this currency. Gold is not the only thing present within the world and this is why it does take a lot of grinding when it comes to getting the best items available since the game makers decided to make everything expensive. But if you decide to go to currency mediators that are scattered around the web, that problem can be solved easily.

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