Albion Online

Albion Online : info & buying gold

albion-online-cheap-goldAlbion Online is a sandbox medieval themed MMORPG currently still in development by German based Sandbox Interactive. Starting as a free-to-play game, the developers were forced to impose a Closed-Beta due to an unbalanced gameplay created by players ganging up on each other, so far the official launch date has not been revealed.

In spite of this, Albion Online has at the moment, over 200000 active players worldwide which is remarkable for an unfinished game that started beta only a year ago.

Naturally, with over 200000 players, the closed-beta, uncertain release date and lack of equilibrium within the game means nothing, if there are players, there are online transactions independent from the developers, dedicated to make your gamming smoother and easier. Although, unlike other already developed and long running games, it does not come as a surprise that the offer is very limited.

Albion Online : What and where to buy?

To get ahead in Albion Online, websites like MMOGA and Goldah offer several different packs of Gold and Silver, the two different kinds of in-game currency, both offering varied different packages of the two separately and the gold obviously being more expensive than silver.

The only other bundles available at the moment are a legendary pack account on Player Auctions (although it did look slightly shady) and a direwolf pup which is also suspicious since the game’s wiki only speaks of direwolf fur and has no mention of pups as mounts.

Step by step guide how to buy Albion Online Gold

  1. Go to (our favorite)
  2. Select Gold or Silver
  3. Add number of Gold to cart (example: 90.000 Albion Online Silver)
  4. Select Face-to-Face
    An employee of the seller will whisper to you ingame during your online time. We ask you to meet with the suppliers employee immediately, so that he can hand over the product to you.
  5. Go to cart
  6. Add coupon code: “VirtualGameCurrency” to your cart for a massive 3% discount
  7. Wait a few minutes
  8. Get your cheap  gold or silver
  9. Enjoy your wealth

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