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Cheap kinah Aion

Aion: The Tower of Eternity is a Korean, free to play, fantasy themed MMORPG that came to the market in 2008 featuring a mix of PvP and PvE. Having received generally favourable reviews from critics, five different awards including game of the year in South Korea, with 3.5 million subscribers in Asia alone back in 2009 (only a year after the games release and seven years ago, so let’s imagine how they are doing now) and with two expansion packs already out, it’s an MMO game that cannot be overlooked.

If you are just now arriving to Aion almost decade long party and wish to start on the same level as everyone else so as to avoid hours of grinding, you have options. In websites such as MMOGA, IGXE or Goldah you can find all sorts of different helpful items, from game guides to high level characters.

Aion Kinah and goods

Cheap Aion KinahThe goods that will help improve your Aion experience without a lot of work include several different packs of Kinah (the in game currency) which you can purchase in any amount between 2 million and 10000 million, these are available in all servers, US and EU included.

Player Guides are also available, if you can’t get around managing your own Kinah just purchase a Kinha guide to really get the hang of how to earn and economize your hard earned in game savings. There are also individual class guides that can show how the character you chose should be played properly and without feeling you have made the wrong choices in gear or skill selection.

Step by step guide how to buy Kinah:

  1. Go to (our favorite)
  2. Select your region (US or EU)
  3. Select the server you want Aion Kinah on
  4. Add number of Kinah to cart (example: 500 million Kinah, US, Israphel Asmodians)
  5. Select Ingame mail method (Our selected supplier sends the product via ingame mail as an attachment to your character. Afterwards you can take the product out of the mail from any desired mailbox.)
  6. Go to cart
  7. Add coupon code: “VirtualGameCurrency” to your cart for a massive 3% discount
  8. Wait a few minutes
  9. Get your Kinah from your characters mailbox!
  10. Enjoy your wealth

Game guides

General game guides are also available to give you advice on a little bit of everything along your way. These will help you out with levelling and questing, explain game mechanics, the best ways to make Kinah, vital information to the professions players can pick, strategies for groups of players or solo players and a list of the equipment you might find along the way.

If you are not the kind of person who gets excited when your character levels up, you can leave that job to someone else by purchasing any of the several offers of power levelling packs available.

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Aion: Things to buy

Not only will the hired players from these websites level up your character, these packs come included with green and yellow gear, a considerable amount of Kinah and honor points depending on the package level as well as magic and skill stones. You can also pick a set amount of time and have the website’s professionals level up your characters during the specified hours, even if you already levelled up your character to level 10 or 20, you can use these services to do the rest all the way to level 40, 50 or even 75 which is the level cap for Aion. Most websites can take your character to maximum level in just a few days.

This option of course, requires you to provide account information. If this is something that does not appeal to you there are other options. Used accounts with high level, massively equipped, money stacked characters are available for purchase. All sorts of different level characters with different classes and varied equipment are at your disposal online.

Skill training of all kinds and classes is also available for online purchase as well as Abyss points which will raise your rank in the PvPvE community, you will need to be at least level 30 to do this and your rank can’t be over 1 already, soldier or bust.

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