wow-gold-warlords-of-draenorBlizzard’s MMO phenomenon the World of Warcraft has enjoyed unbelievable numbers of subscribers over the past 12 years. Though the subscriber count has dipped quite a bit compared to its peak numbers, every time a new Expansion Pack for the game comes out, popularity for the game soars again. With the new release of Legion, the next expansion pack for the famous MMO, subscriber counts are rising again, and you should join them!

WOW Classic Gold US

WoW Gold

You can use your gold to purchase more in-game subscription time! One of the biggest mechanics of the meta in WoW is gold. Earning gold, spending gold, trading with others, the auction house; these things all revolve around the use of in game currency, known as gold. Now instead of the currency just being useful in the circulation of the game, you can actually use your hard-earned gold to purchase a Token that can be traded in for a month of game time! This gives people more options in terms of how to spend their hard earned gold in WoW. While not a new feature (it was introduced in Warlords of Dreanor) it’s getting an insane amount of use at moment, especially since raiding is a gold factory at the moment. Instead of hoarding gold or spending it on in-game items, people are purchasing Game Time Tokens in astonishing numbers. Log in, get your old gold together and get some free game time!

WoW items, artifacts and other fantastic items

One of the most fun parts of World of Warcraft is gearing up your characters with awesome equipment. There have been dozens of fantastic items in the game over the years, Thunderfury, Ashbringer etc. However, most of the items aren’t really useful anymore and not many of them are useful for each character class in WoW. Now with the introduction of the Artifact feature, each character class will be given a quest at some point to obtain a unique item, useable only by their character class. Now instead of just being a bragging rights items, the unique Artifacts will be extremely useful weapons that will greatly boost the prowess of the character you earn the item with!

artifacts-wowWoW Class Orders

To expand on the feeling of the garrisons introduced in Warlords of Draenor (a “hq” system where tasks assigned by you could be carried out by NPC’s loyal to you, to yield gold, xp, items etc) Legion introduces Class Orders! These are bases and “garrisons” themed towards the specific character class you are playing through the game with, for instance Death Knights will use one of the floating Nexus’s as a base of operations, Paladins will hold court under Light’s Hope Chapel, etc. Instead of managing followers from a garrison in Draenor, you will have the choice to use Champions.  Check out MMOGA for help! These Champions will carry out duties similar to the followers in your old garrison would, but they are way more customizable. Blizzard has also integrated these Champions into the lore of the game, which is always nice for immersion. You may find a very popular NPC taking your orders, and the Champions can even show up on quests to give you a hand! I know what I’ll be doing for the next year!

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